I wish Patapon would have been a third party game

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So I could grab that game to play on the DS :|

A thread destined to a dead-end from the start, as the game is developped by SCEA, but hey, sometimes it feels good to express explicit disillusionment.

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The game definitely looks really cool, and like you (from the impression I got), I don't own a PSP. That said, you have to expect first parties to put out the really good stuff -- it's what makes people want to buy their respective system. Nintendo is the same way, if not more agressive in that department.
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won't make me a Pokemon fan, though :P

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Thats why owning both is a good thing. Although, I never expected a quirky title like that on a psp.

But what about Ouendan/EBA? I would never trade those for patapon

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I don't I'm glad PSP is finally getting a lot of great games. I don't want to spoil it for PSP fans.
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Im glad there are great games for all systems, and everyone is getting something. ^_^