How much do you hate spoilers?

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#1 Posted by MrBorreli (96 posts) -
I can't stand them! I feel personally defeated when something is revealed to me without me figuring out my self, last boss, how to beat the dungeon, etc. And if I finally give in and look up what to do, I feel like I didn't even beat the game. Do any of you guys feel this way too?
#2 Posted by Spinnerweb (2951 posts) -
I don't mind them too much. I'd prefer not to have a game's story spoiled of course, but I think most people overreact to spoilers.
#3 Posted by Soulreavercross (19890 posts) -
The only spoilers that piss me off are spoilers that reveal major plot twists in the storyline or reveal the ending of a game
#4 Posted by turtlethetaffer (17198 posts) -

I'd much rather see the twist myself (therefor it has more of an impact) but I've had things spoiled for me before (accidentally or intentionally) and I've still enjoyed them. the only issue was that they were robbed of their impact because I knew.

So, like I said, I prefer things left unspoiled.

#5 Posted by GlitchOnMyLevel (136 posts) -

It sucks... my friend out of nowhere would throw spoilers about my favorite shows I have'nt had a chance to catch up on. Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, SoA... man forget that guy lol

#6 Posted by RatedSTARZ (400 posts) -

Ouch, spoilers. Hahaha xD. I personally don't mind them overall, but if it's a long time series, or favorite game of mine that gets spoiled without any warning... then I cry, pout, and knock things over with my face. Lol, but seriously, I get a bit disappointed, so I just brain wash myself to thinking I forgot what happened xD

#7 Posted by svm128 (376 posts) -

TBH I never cared about spoilers.

#8 Posted by metroidfood (11175 posts) -

I hate them more than

[spoiler] Harry hates Snape for killing Dumbledore [/spoiler]

#9 Posted by RatedSTARZ (400 posts) -

I hate them more than

[spoiler] Harry hates Snape for killing Dumbledore [/spoiler]

Hahaha xD. Good use of the spoiler tag man :). Also... awesome sig xD.
#10 Posted by Ricardomz (2715 posts) -

A lot.

#11 Posted by BigBen11111 (1528 posts) -
I only hate it when someone spoil the whole plot.
#12 Posted by Rod90 (7266 posts) -
There's nothing I hate more than spoilers.