How long does one 4 player wii bowling game take, on average?

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My dad is running a charity event at work, and one of the things they are doing is a wii bowling tournament. He needs to set up brackets and a schedule, but doesn't know how long each 4 player game will take. What does everyone think? I figured that about 15 minutes was a good guess, but it's hard to say. Might have to allot extra time to show people how to use the wii :) Thanks!
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I would think 15. I've done it with two Wii remotes before and it took like 15-20 minutes. If you have 4 Wii Remotes, then it will take 15 probably.

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i would calculate with some additional time. u have to remember that u have to explain it to a lot of people. also, is everybody making his own mii first? that will take some extra time. better gamers will be faster, because they skip replays and do more strikes. assuming that most of the people are amateurs, it's gonna need more time. i would calculate at last with 20 minutes, but why dont u just try it with ur dad and two additional people? dont be too fast and add some explanation time.
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I have 3 remotes, so I'll probably have them use just 2 or even 1 to make things less confusing. I would test it out with my dad and others, but I don't live in the same city as him any more. I'm visiting home next weekend, maybe we'll just have to try it then. I was thinking he'd be safe making the time slots 20 minutes. I certainly agree though that there will be people not skipping replays, etc. I think I'll have them all use Guest A through Guest D instead of trying to create Miis. That will make things much less confusing/time consuming.