How Does I Delete Save Files?

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#1 Posted by SkyeHawc (87 posts) -

I want to sell my Lost Magic, but I don't know how to delete the saves files on it. How do I do this?

#2 Posted by ModeDude (1135 posts) -
Check your game's instruction manual first.
#3 Posted by SkyeHawc (87 posts) -

It says nothing.

#4 Posted by ModeDude (1135 posts) -
I'm sure save files on the game wouldn't impact its sales value.
#5 Posted by DJ_Lae (42748 posts) -
The most common method is to hold L+R and Start and Select at the same time while loading the game. If that doesn't work, though, who knows.
#6 Posted by Silos911 (615 posts) -
The only thing I could find was to "press the delete key" However I think the person may have just been trying to be funny. Have you looked at the options on the main menu, or options in general? When you click a save what happens, do you immediately go to the game or do other icons pop up on other options. Just some suggestions EDIT: Can you just start a new game over your old file and just not save the new file? Or even just restart the game anyway so the person is still starting at the beginning
#7 Posted by Kurezan (1850 posts) -

I prefer buying games with save files on them..

#8 Posted by benwizkid (29 posts) -
I doubt it will make a difference just sell it.
#9 Posted by Tropictrain (4863 posts) -

I was able to sell the same game without deleting my save file on it. I'm sure you can to. Most buyers don't really care as long as they start a new game on it.