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Ho-oh VS Lugia. Which is better??? Of course, I don't mean which is better against the other because the correct answer is Lugia. I mean which is better against the "game" and other pokemon. I can't decide if I'll buy HeartGold or SoulSilver and I want some opinions for that reason.

P.S.: I don't care which is more beautiful or impressive.

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IIRC Lugia is built for Defense, and Ho-Oh is built for attack. You should get both in the game, considering you were able to in gold/silver/crystal. So really your just picking which one you get first the first one is at 40 second 70, depends on which game you have, i.e. gold you get Ho-Oh first.

If anything just go by what you like. OR the Hoenn legendaries in the game (you get Kryogre in gold, groundon in silver)

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I love Ho-oh more then Lugia.

Ho-oh makes rainbows. Can you really as for anymore? Oh, and Sacred Fire = win.

Shiny Lugia is beast though. |:

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I recall watching Pokemon the Movie 2000, and thinking that Lugia had to be the most B.A. Pokemon...except, maybe, for Mew.

I did better with Lugia than Ho-oh, as well.

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Lugia's level 40 move was Aeroblast which was way better than anything Ho-oh had