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#1 Posted by NeoJ4K3 (280 posts) -

I am having a problem, and wondering if anyone has run into this same issue. I just recently bought Pikmin 1, New Play version for the Wii. I can play it on my Wii U but the problem is I have to have the game out.

The dis drive has to be empty, then I have to start the wii section of the wii u, THEN when the wii menu loads I can put in the game. If I leave the game in the drive, when I load up the Wii menu, I just get a black screen. I here the wii menu sound but I cnanot see a thing. It is the oddest problem.

Any help? anyone come across this issue? wtf?

#2 Posted by enrique_marrodz (2107 posts) -
It is very strange. Is that the only Wii game you're having problems with? As far as I noted when you insert a Wii game when in Wii U mode you can launch the Wii mode directly from there too, but you still have to wait for the Wii mode to start up (I mean the black screen, initial message and then the Wii dashboard) I'm assuming you have the latest Wii U update. Is the Pikmin disc clean?
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have you connected your wiiU to the internet and downloaded the updates?

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All updates are installed, it is connected to the internet. I just had the exact opposite problem....I took the disc out (like I normally have to) and it got stuck at a black screen. AFter trying that a couple of times I put the disc in and it loaded...This is really starting to get irritating as I cannot just turn on the Wii U and play Pikmin, I have to **** with it for like 10 minutes before it works