help setting up my n64

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So my girlfriend just got me a N64 for christmas, and I need to hoock it up to my tv. Trouble is, I have the Playstation 3d monitor which only has HDMI and component (Red, Blue, Green) ports. and of course the N64 only has Composite (yellow) or S-video output. Does anyone know of an adapter that can convert one of those to component, or a way to hoock up a component cable to the console itself?

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You need an older TV with composite inputs.

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Take one wire end of the wire, stick it to where the funny part of this thread is supposed to be, take the other end and put it where your brain is supposed to be.

If that's too complicated, there are probably connection issues on both ends of the wire.

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No idea how to "hoock" that up.

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Its amazing what you can find with that Google site.............