Help on my sims.

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Hi, im new here and i need help with my sims. Im on 4 stars and 1/4. and i just unlocked the mountains and met a girl called tracy. Then i looked at the status screen where it shows you the people that you have met, i clicked tracy and it said that shes up to something and how i need to talk to her later.

Does anyone know what shes up to?

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Hi..I need help..I cant dig..I met Tracy..she told me to dig but I cant figure out how to do it..
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Someone help me please I'm stuck on the first star and i don't know what else to do because I'm nearly finished with the 1st star and i don't know what Else to do to get the star bar up, tell me most of the ways to et it up. Thanks.:)

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Hey Im Sorry I don't Remember what helps on Level 1 but i do know some quick facts that will help you through the game

Keep checking how people are feeling in the menu click the two people and it shows all the people you have met so far if at the bottom of the section if the writing is yellow then go find that person (when they are working) and they will ask you to do something

Olivia: Sometimes Olivia hides she hides in the armour,under the table and iforgot where else (just click around)

Tracy- When you start digging for tracy when you get enough points buy a head and body then talk to Helen she will say the need a symbol for the town and give her the head and the body (Try to choose good looking ones it will be paced where that stone block is )

Buy the house from elizabeth for some star points

Thats all i can give so far if you need anymore help email me With the Subject [GAME HELP]

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i think Tracy is going to start paragliding but it costs around 50-100 dollar more than the other paragliding place in the forest or somewhere