Good Games for a 4 year old?

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#1 Posted by Disturbed_Dude (3777 posts) -
My brother is turning 4 in about 2 weeks and I was wondering what games would be good for him. He really liked Mario Kart for the DS, and was thinking he may like Nintendogs. What are some other games?
#2 Posted by gigaman299 (1734 posts) -
I'm not sure... maybe warioware. o_o
#3 Posted by snedgesthegreat (129 posts) -
He might like pokemon? that seems to be popular with little kids.
#4 Posted by davemaster42 (81 posts) -
Well Animal Crossing Wild World is great for kids and adults and also New Super Mario Bros is a must.
#5 Posted by Cheagle (172 posts) -
well, i dont know... just get him any old thing, he is 4, he doesn't have the intellingence to know if he loves a game or not. sorry if am being mean but, he is just so small... but whatever dont listen to me. :)
#6 Posted by diangelogrey (932 posts) -

Tamagotchi Connection Corner Shop 2 would be good for someone his age. Its actually a pretty fun game for just about anyone. Another good game to get would be New Super Mario Bros as others have mentioned but it may be a bit hard for him.

Nintendogs would be a big hit also, so maybe get that, I know I enjoy it still and Ive had it for a year now and am still liking it.

#7 Posted by bernieberry (439 posts) -
I would suggest getting him Nintendogs. He is only four so this game would be ok for him.
#8 Posted by chefstubbies (2583 posts) -
My son is three and a half, and plays new super mario brothers. Although he's not all that good at it yet, he does have fun playing it. My daughter just turned six and is better than my wife at both new super mario brothers and super princess peach.