Finally saw my first MK8 commercial in the wild

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As predicted I didn't see it on a mainstream program or on a network. But I saw it on Nicktoons when I was watching the TMNT marathon with my nephew and niece. I think its great that they are advertising to the kids. Actually saw a few Nintendo commercials. But I was hoping that there would be some more mainstream advertising. What do you guys think? A good start or off on the wrong foot?

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@bunchanumbers: Hmm. Not sure really. It wouldn't hurt for it to be on more mainstream networks. But then again, aren't Nicktoons, Cartoon Network, Disney and Nickeloden really popluar? I suppose it's a good start. They should advertise even more after the game's release.

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Did tears come to your eyes ;)

I saw the MK8 commercial yesterday on, oh geez forgot but it had to be one of the following: NBCsn, Hist., AHC (Hist.2), Sci, Natgeo, amimal planet, some kind of channel like those types.

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@juboner: I won't lie I liked it. The best part is that there is more than one commercial. Means that there should be more variety. One has a weapon tester being eaten by a piranha plant. I wonder if they will be crazy enough to try a commercial for the blue shell.