final fantasy tactics stuck

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#1 Posted by delectabledoz (404 posts) -

im a bit stuck in this game.. supposed to do a quest in the aldanna range i click it on the map but nothing happens i cant go there.. also got a ??? sign with a creepy castle on the map too..

what do i do?

also trick is to level up and get as strong as possible?

#2 Posted by HowlingLotus (515 posts) -

Which quest is it?

Some require you to go somewhere else first.

#3 Posted by delectabledoz (404 posts) -
not played it for a bit. so cant remember the exact name.. how can i find out? im in the part of the map that i mentioned
#4 Posted by HowlingLotus (515 posts) -

I haven't played for awhile either, but you can see what quests you have active through the clan page from the menu.

#5 Posted by delectabledoz (404 posts) -
quest report was highlighted, not quest list.. so does that mean i dont have any active? i think this is it`" wanted gilmunto lurks in the foothills of the Aldanna range.. doesnt say anything about going anywhere before
#6 Posted by delectabledoz (404 posts) -
what do i do? thats the only quest that seems to say anything about Aldanna..