Favorite game on the console, so far?

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#1 Posted by Meinhard1 (6789 posts) -

It's Nintendo Land, for me.
I haven't enjoyed local multiplayer this much in years and the single player offerings aren't too shabby, either!

#2 Posted by nyc05 (10186 posts) -

My favorite Wii U game so far is easily ZombiU.

#3 Posted by ankor77 (1081 posts) -

I bought 3 games. ZombiU, Mario, and just dance 4(for my 3 year old daughter...her first entry to gaming..have to rope her in somehow!)

So far the game I have played most is........The last Story which I just got in from Amazon. I was waiting to buy it until I got a Wii U hoping it would look a bit better on the WiiU. I have too many games right now for PC/Xbox to finish right now so I havent spent a huge amount of time with Wii U yet.

I really like some parts of ZombiU. It makes me tense which is fun. The game makes you be very careful about every move you make as oppossed to running around gunning zombies down like a super action hero. I think if they take the good parts of that game into a well thought out sequal we could have a really good game.

Best part of Mario for me is the ability to play on the Remote Control while my wife watches tv.

#4 Posted by marinevetstl (165 posts) -
I have 6 titles,I play each of them almost equally. However, I think I enjoy getting emerged in Batman: Arkham City more on WiiU than I did on X360 or Ps3. Every Nintendo has to have Mario or it it just plain sacrilege. Sonic racing is fun too.
#5 Posted by KBFloYd (15115 posts) -

my most played is black ops 2....im not nearly as good as i was in MW3 but i love CoD..

also like tekken and epic mickey..

nintendoland is great but wii sports is a bigger hit in my house

and i have zombieU but only played like 1 hour of it...im never in the horror mood.

#6 Posted by Fightingfan (38011 posts) -
Assassin's Creed 3 was pretty cool, I just didn't care for the combat. It's a tie between Creed 3 and Sonic AllStar Racing; at least if hours of play is used to consider your "favorite" game. Got three hours in Zombie-u and I like it, but give me more time to see if I ultimately like it.
#7 Posted by superbuuman (3464 posts) -

Not Nintendo Land, tried that out with my sister & her family..found it very underwhelming. Only couple of games that were actually fun. The chasey game, & the big head game.

Its a tie between ZombiU, Sonic All Star Racing Transformed & Tekken Tag 2 for me....ZombiU is awesome, so is Sonic ASRT its so fast paced, & Tekken Tag love the wacky Mario stuff.

#9 Posted by OreoMilkshake (12825 posts) -
New Super Mario Bros. U.
#10 Posted by JustPlainLucas (75266 posts) -
Has to be Mario. Would have been ZombiU had they fix things.
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My most played game is Black Ops II but my favourite has to be ZombiU! Its brilliant but unfortunately you have to be in the mood for it and recently ive not which is why BOII ate all my time as its easy to pick up and play no matter the mood. I have Tekken coming soon but im not the biggest fighting game fan.
#12 Posted by marluxia101 (1614 posts) -

A tie between Mass effect 3 and Mario :O

#13 Posted by JuanGrande386 (1115 posts) -


2. Tekken

3. Zombi U

4. Nintendo Land (this might get bumped higher when I have people to play with)

#14 Posted by BuryMe (22017 posts) -

Mario, just because it's the only one I've played.

#15 Posted by Euaggelistes (1826 posts) -

Sonic & Allstars Racing Transformed. I purchased it because I was in the mood for a kart racer and figured this would work until Mario Kart would eventually be announced. I was not expecting much but found a great and deep racer. I have spent more time playing this than everything else I own for Wii U combined.

#16 Posted by spike6958 (5140 posts) -
New Super Mario Bros. U, followed by Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.
#17 Posted by donalbane (16382 posts) -

My favorite Wii U game so far is easily ZombiU.

Same here. Only other game I've played is Nintendoland, though. I'm not a Mario fan, though.
#18 Posted by QuebecSuperstar (4178 posts) -

I got Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, ZombiU, New Super Mario Bros. U, NintendoLand and Skylanders: Giants (that I bought for my daughter but I seem to enjoy more than she does :P). I can't say I like one more than the others because they fulfill different gaming needs. All I can say is I absolutely LOVE my WiiU and all the games I got. And for a multiplat, Black Ops 2 totally feels at home on the WiiU.

#19 Posted by mariokart64fan (19805 posts) -

hard to decide as i own

  1. nintendo land
  2. new super mario bros
  3. call of duty black ops 2
  4. espn sports connection
  5. sonic all star racing transformed
  6. batman arkham city
  7. 007 legends
  8. zombie u
  9. madden 13
  10. trine 2
  11. chasing auroa
  12. little inferno
  13. hyper switch force
  14. nano assault neo so im going with nsmbu or 007 legends havent played my batman yet and little inferno is great as is trine ,
#20 Posted by Pixel-Perfect (5778 posts) -

As my one and only game, NSMBU easily grabs the coveted title.

#21 Posted by Selkc (203 posts) -

mario bros.... its awesome but i cant play it for more than an hour at a time so i have to pass

call of duty... this is my first cod game... YES its awesome and favourite..

zombie u... bought it.. havent played it yet.. expecting good things

#22 Posted by ANIMEguy10034 (4896 posts) -

I don't own a Wii U yet, but I'm absolutely certain that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will be my long-term favorite. 2 months remain~