Does the DS support origional gameboy games

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#1 Posted by artiedeadat40 (1695 posts) -

Can I play old school gameboy games on the DS?

#2 Posted by Frostbyte1120 (17118 posts) -
nah man, you can only go as far back as GBA and even while doing that, there are no multiplayer options.
#3 Posted by artiedeadat40 (1695 posts) -
That sucks
#4 Posted by LOLhahaDEAD (4431 posts) -
No, but I wish you could. I've been dying to play Pokemon Silver again.
#5 Posted by WSGRandomPerson (13693 posts) -
Nope, only the GBA.
#6 Posted by raven_squad (78438 posts) -
Ok... how many answers does he need....
#7 Posted by Wanderer5 (25726 posts) -

Ok... how many answers does he need....raven_squad

Like a million.:P Anyway yeah it does suck that the DS doesn't support GB games. That why I keep one GBA so I can play GB and GBC games.

#8 Posted by BilliePopK (194 posts) -
I was so mad when I found out I couldn't! Thank god for my SP.
#9 Posted by Ganodon44 (627 posts) -
unfortunately not.
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Ok... how many answers does he need....raven_squad
Enough to make him feel special of couse.. :roll::P
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Well, do you have old Game Boy games? If you do, then surely it stands to reason that you should have a old Game Boy, Game Boy Color, or Game Boy Advance lying around that you can play them on.