do you count The Faces of Evil,The Wand of Gamelon,Zelda's Adventure as zelda ga

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Do you count The Faces of Evil,Zelda: The Wand of GamelonandZelda's Adventure as zelda games?

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No since they are not developed by Nintendo.

They only happened because Nintendo had to give the license to Phillips for them to work on an SNES add-on when they tried to back out of the deal as a settlement.

Nintendo had to give them a 3 game deal.

But since they aren't developed or co-developed by Nintendo they don't count as Canon.

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There's Zelda in the title,yes.
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Yeah. They're non-canon games, but still real.

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Of course not, those blights on humanity should remain in the past as nothing more than slight knock offs of a great series, and quite frankly I'm tired of the Internet memes they've stemmed. Let them die

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No... Those games are forbidden. :P
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No because Nintendo took no part in developing them.

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Are they Zelda games? Yes, there is Zelda in the title and they have a Link, Zelda, and Ganon.

Should they be taken into consideration when making something Zelda-related, like a timeline? Not really.

Should we address them with any seriousness? No, they aren't very canon. More like spoofs.

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Those games are jokes and should be viewed as such.
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^ hilarious jokes. I rarely laugh until I cry, but those youtube videos definitely got me to that point. Honestly I'd love to see them get the licenses to more franchises.

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Those games look awful but I can't help but feel weary about not ever playing them. I've played all other Zelda games but not those. Spoof or not, they exsist. I consider Spaceballs a Star Wars movie. Without Star Wars there would be no Spaceballs. It's like friends who have a really ugly baby. you love your friends and eventually your gonna have to see the baby lol

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Yes, but they're not serious games. More like cash-ins on the Zelda license and weren't even made by Nintendo.

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As far as I'm concerned they don't count and should never be spoken of.

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I count them as very horrible spinoffs with horrible, unforgettable dialogue.

"Oh, boy, I'm so hungry I could eat an octorok!"
"Great! I can't wait to bomb some dodongos!"

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They are games, and they have Zelda in the title. Really horrible ones, but you can't pretend they don't exist just because they're bad.

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They do NOT exist :x

Do not speak of them ever again :x


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They are games, and they have Zelda in the title. Really horrible ones, but you can't pretend they don't exist just because they're bad.


But you can pretend they don't exist since they were made against Nintendo's will.

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as much as i count the flash games.