Counter strike for the Wii...

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I just came back from a Lan party and we played alot of games, but none more fun then the classic counter strike. after all of the adrenaline simmered away I began thinking to my self, could this be a good Wii game? So i started to think whether it could work and if MoH had better control system than Mp3 it is definitely a possibility.

I'm not going to waste my time expaining controls cus EVERYTHING would be customizable, but it would also give us full-fledged hotage mission and maybe even an actual story...what do you think think? good or bad?

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ahh now that would be a dream come true I bet the Wii could handle it too but unfortunately at the moment I still dont see it happening
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that would be awesome. i wish that would happen. *goes into daydreaming*
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There isn't nearly enough justice in the world....
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Didn't they do half life on the Xbox?So surely theycould use the old CS game on the Wii and update it a bit.

So I think it's verypossible if MOH:H2 does well that valve will take note andwilldo CS for the Wii:)

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we need to start emailing whoever makes CS... I would love it on the Wii. I never really played it but I played Tac Ops (which is a lot like CS) for 2 years.
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CS for the Wii would be so much fun. maybe it would beat the controls of the mouse and keyboard.
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Sorry but think bigger! BATTLEFIELD! ...with JUMPING! oooh!

But CS on the wii would prolly get too intense...cuz i'd be clockin headshots like their goin out of style!