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I just got an email stating that Smash Bros 64 is available for 200 Club Nintendo points. I already have Smash 64 but for those that don't, this is a GREAT opportunity for a Great game.

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Perfect! Will pick up, still need to download my Majoras Mask code I redeemed...

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Little late it's been up since like the 3rd
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i'm going to save my coins for something new. :) No dis on SSB but I've played the heck out of it growing up; and I still have SSBB.
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Just look at my sig. :)
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I still have my N64 version so this is kinda useless for me.
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Already bought it a few months ago... plus I have the original.

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Little late it's been up since like the 3rd AutoPilotOn
Would've been nice if people here knew about it since the 3rd.
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US only?

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To be honest, this is a game that I normally wouldn't have gotten. I like the games in the series, but this one seemed pretty dated due to the improvements from the other games. And even with the improvements Brawl had, I wasn't entirely thrilled with it as I was with Melee for some reason, so I didn't expect to love this that much either. However, I decided to get this anyway, since they are offering it as a Club Nintendo reward, was fairly interested in it despite my reservations of spending $10 on it, and the fact that I can't be sure how long it will be before another Club Nintendo game interests me again. I haven't really played it too much since I got it, and need to get used to it (I was out of practice with the series as it is, let alone the differences between the games), but it seems pretty good so far.
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Definately looks interesting. I still have my n64 cart, but I might give it a look.