Challenging Nostalgia

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80's kids are biased toward the SNES, and recently the N64 has been the system (for 90's kids) of childhood memories and college-dorm memories to hype up. Gamecube is coming up the pipeline soon, and in 10 years from now, we'll hear stories 2000's kids of how the Wii was their first console ever and the memories they had. People often say "your favorite Zelda game is your first Zelda game". This tends to apply to consoles too. Usually the first full console generation that came out when you were around 10-15 is your favorite.

In effect, I think it causes us to overestimate SNES and N64 while underestimating Gamecube and Wii. If you count the amount of great exclusive games (let's say, 8/10 or higher) on each, they will come out to about the same. It's just harder to replicate an earlier experience.

Let's reverse the order of the consoles to sort of make things more objective

1985 - Wii U
1991 - Wii
1996 - Gamecube2001 - Nintendo 64
2006 - Super Nintendo
2012 - NES

Looks a lot different like this. I would've probably been an N64 lover instead of a Gamecube lover.

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Okay...? So... what point are you trying to make?

If it's that people are blinded by nostalgia, all I'll say is that I usually try to be as objective as possible about gaming.

Also, just to be clear my favorite Zelda is not my first Zelda. My first one was OoT, but my favorite is Majora's Mask, followed by Wind Waker.

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Largely true, I came around a little too late to get into the NES, but the SNES blew me away. Definitely exceptions though, the Wii is hands down my favorite console with most of my favorite games, nostalgia be damned :)

Interesting post, I think a lot of the stupidity you see in system wars is due to this console/when you were born stuff. A lot of Halo generation kiddies.

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I remember my NES fondly. I also remember being completely knocked out by my SNES. To date, however, as much as I loved my Saturn, my Dreamcast(the Saturn switched me from a long time Nintendo worshipper to a staunch Sega convert) and everything before and since, my 360 has given me a far wider range of games that I continually return to and wonder why I stopped playing them in the first place.

That, to me, equals the best console I've ever owned.

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I recieved the first LoZ on NES for my 5th birthday back in 1988. Its no surprise that I remember that birthday well but I can't remember any other birthdays from my childhood. I am old enough that I have played all the Zelda's in the order that they came out. My favorite is Majora's Mask followed closely by OoT and then ALTTP in a very close third. Those three were absolute masterpieces.

That being said, Maybe I am old and nostalgic, but I think the golden age of gaming came to an end with the N64. There is just so much unoriginal crap out there. Although, I have to say, my 3DS is rekindling my passion and love of games. It is truly an awesome system and quickly becoming my favorite console of all time.

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I didn't play SNES until after the Gamecube era, and it is still my favorite console, and Gamecube my second. The DS was my third handheld, and my favorite one. So no, your theory doesn't apply to me at all.

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The Super Nintendo is still my most played console of all time. Nostalgia is almost a Nintendo brand. For me The Snes is the best "Nintendo" ever. Then the NES, Gamecube, N64, Wii U, and finally Wii.

The Nintendo 64 was my most disappointing console. 3 long years from the first stirring of articles in long dead Videogame magazines. To the launch of The once "Ultra Nintendo 64" only 422 games or so in total. The smallest Nintendo home console game library. Only 387 games for North America.

The Nintendo console I waited the longest to buy was the Wii. Sorry but motion controls just are not for me. I only bought the Wii when it came in Black with 2 pack in games and 2 controllers. At the time an extra Wii mote controller was thrown in. For $199.99 this was a good deal. My least played Nintendo system and the only one I didn't buy at or near launch.

Nostalgia is Nintendo's Bread and Butter.

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@am_h8ter_ade: I definitely agree with your post. The N64 is the last console I truly loved and I am your age also. I just feel that after that console generation games became mundane and once internet gaming came to prominence, online play trumped originality in the actual game...

Out of curiosity, what games for 3DS have sparked your new found appreciation?

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@mamelon2012: A Link Between Worlds was great. It was the first time a Zelda game has completely consumed me since Majora's Mask. Super Mario 3D Land, Luigi's Mansion, Monster Hunter Ultimate, Virtues Last Reward, Mario and Luigi: Dream Team. Once I complete my unfinished games I am going to pick up Fire Emblem Awakening.

I agree with you 100%. All the new consoles have such a huge focus on online multiplayer and almost every game, when it comes down to it, is just a Map Pack for a previous game. At the moment, I have no plans of picking up a PS4, XBOne, or even a Wii U. I think I am going to be sticking with my 3DS for quite sometime. Although, a Wii U may be an option a couple years down the road if its still in existence and gets a price drop to around $200.

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@am_h8ter_ade: I will also say A Link Between Worlds was fantastic. I havent enjoyed a Zelda game like that in years. I will check out some of the other games you mentioned that I havent played yet seeing we have similar tastes so thanks for the reply. Im glad to see the 3DS have such a positive rebound from launch.