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I was doing some searching online about when/if Gamecube games would be added to the Wii U VC, Sounds like the system is capable, BUT it's not easy, and potentially they won't play back as well, with an emulator, compared to a disc. Then others believe Nintendo will continue to slowly rerelease the classics in HD. However this seems like it could take a while. Since they don't have time remake HD models of all their games, I came up with the idea of making A "Best of" Gamecube disc.

Just think:

Vol 1

Metroid Prime

Super Mario Sunshine

Pikmin 1

F-Zero GX

Paper Mario

Luigi's Mansion

(Hidden Game) Mario Party 5

Vol 2

SSB Melee

Metroid Prime 2

Mario Kart

Pikmin 2

Animal Crossing

Wave Racer

(Hidden Game) Mario Party 6

Just think, both of these at 59.95.... I think they would sell well for very minimal work on Nintendo's End. Then if these were successful they could partner with Capcom and release some of their more mature Titles.

Hopefully something gives soon with N64/Gamecube games on the VC.

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It's still the same type of hardware. Emulation is not necessary. The WIi U could play Gamecube games as easily as it plays Wii games. And even if emulation was required, both the Wii and Gamecube have been emulated on relatively low-specs PCs since 2009 or something.

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There are three options.

  1. Nintendo is afraid of money
  2. Nintendo can't be bothered to do so in a timely manner
  3. Nintendo doesn't have enough people to support the VC as well as they should

The virtual console is the strongest strength they have, and have the best record of BC, but they piss it away:/