Baten Kaitos on the Wii?

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LM again,

                        Baten Kaitos is probably one of the best looking RPGs on the GC and has the most-compelling storyline but will it show up on the Wii? Baten Kaitos also had one of the most interesting item inventory systems that is unique to the Baten Kaitos series. Baten Kaitos Origins, a prequel to Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and The Lost Ocean, was recently released on the GC in the middle of the nex-gen system wars in September which didn't get it a whole lot of attention. That didn't stop it from being excellent though. The series may continue on the Wii since the series wasn't signalled to be over just yet. Will it come to the Wii and what do you think it will have in it? 

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I've been playing through BK:O lately and it's great. Another game in the series would be greatly appreciated.
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I would like BK to be put on the Wii! I really like it.
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I loved the first BK and I loved Origins even more I hope they make another in the series but that may not happen since they didn't sell that well.
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I sure hope so
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IHDC, it's really really over-rated, the only reason it got any attention is because it was an RPG for the Cube. If it was on the PS2 nobody would have even mention it.
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BKs were two of my most favorite games of last gen and I really hope they carry the franchise over to the Wii.
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With how they did the cards I could see them finding some good uses for the Wiimote, I would love to see it come to the Wii.
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hopefully BK comes to the wii :D