Anyone get Deus Ex: Human Revolution?

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I've been hearing mixed reviews about this game and was wondering what you guys thought of it? I liked Mass Effect 3, if that helps.

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Mixed reviews? It has pretty much received universal acclaim. It's a fantastic game with solid gameplay and an intriguing story. I've played through it several times (Director's Cut twice) and I love just as much everytime. I'd say it's worth your money.

It should be noted that I've only played it on PC, so I can't really say if the Wii U gamepad adds that much to the gameplay. Either way, it's a great game and I'm sure it's great on the Wii U as well.

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I have it on PS3 and it's a really cool game, I definitely suggest picking it up.

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Havent played the wiiu version but the game is indeed great.

Its not really like ME3 though. basically you build up a character as you go through the game with mods n such like and the levels have lots of different routes to your objective. these routes need different skills to use. the way you build your character is very important as it has a huge effect on the way you play the game.

e.g. you could go in all guns blazing and make your character so he can take more punishment and such like. or you could sneek past your enemy, find a tunnel that goes past them. but to use that tunnel you need a skill that allows ou to break a wall down. or you could find a computer and use your hacking skill to turn all the turrets in the area against your enemies....assuming your hacking skill is good enough.

there was an issue with the original game where the bosses basically needed the player to have combat skills. this goes very much against the deus ex ethos. the directors cut (which is the wiiu version) is supposed to fix this though.

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i have ps3 version great game

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no got it on PC version Director's Cut same as Wii U ..from SE website on sale for like $10 or something..Wii U version price is a rip off.

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The Wii U version is pretty excellent, if you can work with the joystick's dead zones. The major hurdle you have to think about is the price. The Wii U version still hovers around $50, while the PC version of the director's cut was on sale for $5 this week.

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I have it coming in the mail. Can hardly wait to get my hands on it.

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Great Game, I highly Recommend it

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I have the directors cut on ps3. Its my favorite game last gen.