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#1 Posted by bohemian_bob (1297 posts) -
I've had the Wii for a few days now and today I got this message for the second time. When I insert a disc it tells me there's an error and I have to restart the console. The discs are all brand new. What's causing this?
#2 Posted by darkgamingdude (6032 posts) -
Are you sure you are inserting the discs the correct way?
#3 Posted by bohemian_bob (1297 posts) -
Yeah, I don't know what the problem could be.
#4 Posted by wael_rajab (261 posts) -
well if the disk are brand new it is ur laser the thing that reads the disks maybe thast gouht dirty or its jsut ur wii call nintendop and they will send u a new will u sne dthem urs
#5 Posted by kazekage1234 (1351 posts) -
well if the disks are brand new it is your laser thing that reads the disks maybe that got dirty or it's just your wii call Nintendo and they will send u a new wii or fix your old onewael_rajab
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The same thing happened to me. Do you have smash brothers brawl? If you do send both of them to nintendo by going to and they will fix it for free. If you dont have smash brothers they should still fix it for free, but Im not 100% on that.

It is probally that your lens is dirty. It doesnt mean you dont take care of your system, it just happens sometimes. Hope your problem gets fixed soon though. Im getting my wii back either today or monday.