3DS XL owners - what case do you use?

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What case do you guys use for your 3DS XL?

I had a fantastic slim leather case for my 3DS however, when I recently upgraded to a 3DS XL I couldn't find anything similar for the larger model. What do you guys use? What are the pros and cons? Does anyone know of somewhere selling a case like this one?

[spoiler] 27469.jpg [/spoiler]

I basically needs something slim to sit in my laptop bag whilst travelling. During the day the 3DS lives in my pocket :)

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I don't. I raw dog it. Though I may get my girlfriend to whip up a relatively tight pouch made of flannel (or some other soft cotton) just to prevent it from getting scratched if I ever toss it in a backpack.
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I don't use one. Just put it in my pocket
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I usually keep it in my pocket because I dont wear skinny jeans and it fits. I do still have the Pull N Go case from my original 3DS. The XL doesnt fit in the pullout case but I can set it in the main part and zip it up just fine.

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It is originally my DS case but it fits surprisingly well with the XL. I usually don't take it with me unless I'm traveling long distances. The case opens up. The top half slick design that consists of 4 small straps which hold 8 games (or more if you put some on top of others) and a large pouch behind that can hold anything else like a charger. The bottom half has more straps where my DS can rest securely. I can't really describe the texture but I love it. It's soft and surprisingly thin. Definitely one of the better accessories for a handheld I've ever had.

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I use and love this one:


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That looks pretty sweet. Is it very thick?

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I don't use a case. It's fine in my pocket.

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That looks pretty sweet. Is it very thick?


If you're talking to me. Yeah it's pretty thick, around two / two and a half fingers. It's also rather heavy. But it protects the 3DS perfectly, the stylus rocks and you can put 6 games in it. It's perfect for me who has his 3DS in a bag

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I ended up getting the reversible pouch from Club Nintendo for the original 3DS. It fits surprisingly well with the XL. I then put it in my pocket (cargo side pockets). If you have the coins laying around or have some expiring, I'd get that. It works for what I need it for anyway.
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Forgot to mention that this thing is really thin so doesn't add much thickness or weight.
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I have the same case as you TC!!
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I ended up getting the reversible pouch from Club Nintendo for the original 3DS. bdmckinley
Is that this one?

[spoiler] tumblr_ldl0npseSu1qzp9weo1_400.jpg [/spoiler]

If so does it protect the unit from bumps much? Lookskinda.. clothy

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yup, that's it. It is a cloth. You might want to consider that as well. Feels like a screen cleaning cloth. Very soft to the touch.
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I use this Nintendo Transporter  It's designed for the 3DS, but the case fits a 3DSXL, and I use the slot pouch for my charging USB cable it also fits 16 cartridges
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I use the Mumu Dog case but only when I stick it in my bag, other wise it's in my pockets. My friend has a sweet Hori case that I would choose over this one but I'm not that fussed. Wouldn't mind the 3DS messenger bag either though.

EDIT: I only just realized you were asking about 3DS XL cases. Silly me >_> I haven't really seen some good looking cases for the XL actually but some of the ones posted here look great.

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I had a super cool metal one for my DSi, but I haven't used one since then.
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I use the Nerf armor one. It's helped the 3DS from a few good falls, especially when the kids have it. It makes it bulky, but it doesn't affect gameplay at all and makes it easire for me to hold.

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I'm using this. Slim two piece case. protects without bulk.



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This one is really nice and only $15.  Its not too big and protects the system and stores several games.  It was originally designed for the DSi XL, but fits the 3ds xl too.  Just read the more recent reviews of people using it for the 3ds xl.  Comes in black, wine red and blue.



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I just use a sock. A sock made for a DS

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Here's my 3DSxl case
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I use the nerf anti-fall case cuz I'm afraid of it slipping or somethin.  Then I use and old camera bag to carry the games, charger and booklets!

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Here's my 3DSxl case  Heirren

Lmfao :lol:

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@Chickan_117: Where did you buy this? I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!

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EB Games has it for $4 at the moment. Lol. I think GameStop is the US equivalent. Not sure about other countries


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I have this case, but not black. Mine is a nice light blue.


Can't think of any cons with this case.


Will fit DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL, 3DS, and 3DS XL. Has an insert for use to make it so the smaller devices fit.

Case that holds the device can be removed and carried without taking the whole case and has a slot to holds two games.

Big case that holds the smaller case holds 27 games, power/charge cable, and an extra stylist. So with one game in the device, two in the small case, and 27 in the main case, it holds 30 games.

It is lightweight.

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Since it's a clam shell design I just carry it around in my pocket without a case.

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@Chickan_117:Power A? I haven't heard of that brand. Can you link me to a place that sells that case. It looks awesome, and I like how slim it looks.

Personally, I'm using this one for my 3DS:

It looks nice, but the strap can make it harder to fit in your pocket.

My partner has an XL and I'm also currently looking for a case for it.

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So awesome.

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@Litchie said:

So awesome.

LOL A turtle shell. That's pretty cool looking. Doesn't look like it would hold much, but cool looking for sure.

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@AmazonTreeBoa said:

@Litchie said:

So awesome.

LOL A turtle shell. That's pretty cool looking. Doesn't look like it would hold much, but cool looking for sure.

There were sadly no nifty gamecard pockets in it, but it provides good protection for my XL. There is a net inside where you can put stuff, and there's a pocket on the backside though, so it's all cool. I mainly bought it since it was so damn awesome looking. :P

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I use to use the the pouch that Nintendo club had, The irreversible pouch one...but I started to notice it staining my 3ds xl (its the animal crossing 3ds xl so its mostly white), gave it to my brother and got myself the leather waterfield casecase...its amazing and keeps my case in mint condition.

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I just use the pouch it came in. Mostly because I never take it outside.

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@DJ_Lae: Raw dog. Is a cool expression.

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Sewing a bag for it right now. Green velvet since i treated myself to the 'a link between worlds' edition :3

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@thriftymutt: Mah gawd. I use the exact same thing. I even used to use a camera bag, like you XD

Then I got a purse.

So yeah.

Still works, even if it's hard to fit my bulked-up 3DS in with my headphones.