Zelda Four Swords Back on the 3DS Eshop

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#1 Posted by RealJaysonguy (219 posts) -

Zelda Four Swords is available on the Eshop until February 2nd. I know there's a lot of people who didn't pounce on the 3DS until after the game was taken down.

The game is still free, so jump on this opportunity because it may not come around again.

#2 Posted by Pierst179 (10690 posts) -

I got it today!

I am looking forward to playing it when I find the time!

#3 Posted by Soulreavercross (19890 posts) -

I regret transferring this from my DSi now. I could have had it on both systems now

#4 Posted by drufeous (2533 posts) -

Downloading now. Thanks for the heads up!!!

#5 Posted by RealJaysonguy (219 posts) -

I'm gonna bump this up before it gets buried on page 2. Everybody deserves free Zelda.

#6 Posted by darkmark91 (2843 posts) -

This is stupid... Multiplayer is suppose to be the main focus of this game. And yet they only release this game for small windows of opportunities, which limits the amount of people who will get the game...

What about all the people who get a 3DS at a much later day? They should just release the game out indefinitely and sell it for $$$money$$$. If they want to have it for free on special days that's fine. But give EVERYONE a chance to get this MULTIPLAYER experience...

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Considering what darkmark says makes total sense, and that Zelda Four Swords is not exactly 'top-shelf Zelda', I don't see why Nintendo just doesn't make the game permanently free on the eShop.

I mean, it doesn't even have online play does it? Just local multiplayer? So it's not like people are getting some amazing online multiplayer game for free even.

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@Ovirew: the game requires a lot of on the spot communication that wouldn't work playing online.

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@realjaysonguy: Then why bother putting in a microphone in the system? I swear I've blown into Nintendo portables more than I've spoken into them...

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That's a fair thing to say, though it may be kind of a ridiculous request adding voice chat to a game they're giving away for free.

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I speak for online games in general for Nintendo portables.