Yugioh 5d world championship 2011 pls help D:?

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Hi, i have replay this game yugioh 5d world championship 2011 i dont know where to post this but i dont get any starchip at all anymore...But i read this in a different forum: **You need to do a single duel(1v1) against a cpu in the free duel part of the menu. (Yes i do get 1 star chip but only 1 from each npc in free duel...) after you beat an opponent you will play the matching game. If you look to the left of the screen you will see 5 stars, or some stars and some unlit. (depending on how many wins you have) The first time you beat a cpu opponent in this menu you get a star chip; after that, every 5 win increment will earn you another. 1st win, 5th win, 10th win...etc up to 25th win you can get a max of 5 chips from each of these cpu opponents.** But i only get 1 form every npc in the free duel and i beat them more then 25 times and yes i do solve the puzzle in the end... can someone pls help me? Im at the chapter after i beat that Ghost type... I really would like to buy 1 of those outfit in the shop but i still miss 6 stars... pls help?