Would you buy a HD Wii U Gamepad?

Posted by Star0 (451 posts) 8 months, 9 days ago

Poll: Would you buy a HD Wii U Gamepad? (26 votes)

Definitely! 15%
No 73%
Depends on the price 12%

The stand-out flaw of the gamepad is the low resolution. If Nintendo released a Wii U Gamepad Plus that rectified that and included a slightly more streamlined design as well as a bigger screen could you see yourself buying it?

#1 Posted by YearoftheSnake5 (7877 posts) -

No, I find the Gamepad's resolution to be adequate for its size.

#2 Posted by osan0 (12922 posts) -

not really tempting.

can the wiiu stream a 720P or 1080P video and still keep the responsivness of the current gamepad? somehow i doubt it. there would have to be compromise. you could stream the current 854x480 stream to a HD screen and have it upscale i suppose but....blech.

i still use the TV as my main display for gaming on the wiiu also. the gamepad screen is very much a secondary viewing portal.

a better quality screen with the same res would be nice. the gamepad is certainly not bad but windwaker, for example, doesnt look as rich or as vivid as it does on my TV.

an improved screen wouldnt encourage me to spend the guts of 100 quid on a new gamepad though.

in terms of the gamepads specs nintendo were quite sensible. its all too easy to say "ah sure stick a 1080P screen in it" but that has implications in terms of streaming requirements, rendering requirements (remember the wiiu would have to render a second 1080P image when playing on two screens) and control latency and so on. its not a tablet that just needs to render a few web pages. its an extension to a gaming device. its a completely different set of requirements.

#3 Posted by yokofox33 (30208 posts) -

Nope. I find the resolution to be fine, and I wouldn't waste my money on a most likely very expensive accessory just for some better video quality. I'd just play on my TV if I wanted better resolution.

#4 Posted by Master_Of_Fools (1407 posts) -

Flaw? For its size it looks good enough. I can't even really tell that it's not HD. It's close enough.

#5 Posted by TTUalumni13 (669 posts) -

Nope. It's adequate for it's size.

#6 Posted by Star0 (451 posts) -

Wow, that's quite unanimous. I didn't expect that.

@osan0 has it spot on.

I'm just trying to find out what people don't like about the gamepad.

In all seriousness, so far, the main complaints I have concern the bumpers/triggers which I feel need more give, but I suspect perhaps the Wii U doesn't have the types of games which nessitate that anyway. I wouldn't mind the effective range of the streaming capability to be increased, perhaps with a repeater or extender peripheral. I'd like to be able to play on the move indoors whilst doing other stuff.

#7 Posted by starwolf474 (933 posts) -

No, because the only time I ever use the gamepad is when I play Nintendo Land. For everything else, I use the Pro Controller.

#8 Posted by The-Butcher248 (229 posts) -

I would if they made some modifications to allow the gamepad, to actually hold games, and to run without the wii U console itself. Or at least increase the distance to maybe 100 feet away from the console, with improved battery life.

The Graphics are fine for me.

#9 Posted by trugs26 (5788 posts) -

Probably not, given the screen size, I doubt it'd make much of a difference. Maybe if there was a re-design in general though.

#10 Posted by superbuuman (3138 posts) -

No, already have a full HD tv screen for that. :P

#11 Posted by yixingtpot (1417 posts) -

I already have troubles with the current one, sometimes while playing RE Revelations via the gamepad the graphics look are smeared and like dripping goo, I don't know if it's a defective unit or just the streaming is not up to par so it glitches out, so I doubt it could even handle HD graphics being streamed to it.

I do however hope that Tecmo offers a collectible camera obscura gamepad that offers the standard interactivity plus unique features for the Fatal Frame Wii U game. I'd buy that.

#12 Posted by Chozofication (3568 posts) -

No, but if they'd make the pad smaller, more ergonomic and with better battery life that'd be great.

But they'd need to make the screen smaller for that, 5inches would be good, and it'd have higher pixel density that way too.

#13 Posted by PurpleLabel (314 posts) -

They haven't done enough with the Wii U gamepad to make me use it more than my pro remote. I was very much pro gamepad for a long time too.

#14 Posted by bunchanumbers (2289 posts) -

I'd be more interested in them finding a way to make the battery life last longer with the currently existing batteries.

#15 Posted by Litchie (16578 posts) -

No. If the gamepad would be even bigger, then hell no.

#16 Posted by Dom_Hawk_basic (404 posts) -

The resolution could be improved, one problem that one might run into is: is the Wii U capable of streaming an HD signal if the bandwidth doesn't exist then the solution might be a no go. Second issue would be if the Wii U could do the streaming would there be some form of compression artifactin in the games. The extra resolution could be good depending upon how close to your face you hold the gamepad, needless to say I hold it closer than I let my (WQHD/WHDQ) montor, therefore a pixel increase would be nice. However, it could also be cost prohibitive. I would expect the pad would cost somewhere in the bal park of an ipad mini, which would hen be as much as if nor more than the system cost iitsef.

#17 Edited by Star0 (451 posts) -

@Dom_Hawk_basic: I think your first point is why Nintendo went with the specs they did. A capacitive touchscreen is always nice too, but always increases costs. The signal range issue could be solved with an extender/repeater/booster and latency would be "fixable" as this article states. Can anyone more knowledgeable on the subject expand on this? The gamepad should be the go-to media hub of the home, in my opinion. This would be one way to go about achieving that. I'd also love a laser projection virtual keyboard that works both on even and uneven surfaces, if possible. The idea would to be put the gamepad in either of the cradles. Again, this is just what I'd like. I've probably spent half their budget already in my mind =P

With Project C.A.R.S. coming out soon I'd like a steering wheel attachment for the gamepad that clamps onto the edge of tables so you can just slot the gamepad in and use motion controls in a more natural set up.

#18 Edited by achilles614 (4871 posts) -

A repeater would be awesome, the signal in my bedroom isn't very strong.

#19 Posted by Star0 (451 posts) -

@achilles614: I did some reading and I don't think the Bluetooth transmitter in the Wii U is powerful enough to make plug-in wireless range extenders a feasible option.

You could use repeaters, but that would add delay because you'd be introducing package duplication.

You could even chain extenders, that would also add delay due to signal degradation.

I don't think the gamepad was designed to be used long-range. There's no way to get around that from what I understand. The hardware simply doesn't allow for it.

#21 Posted by Aquat1cF1sh (10934 posts) -

Nope. I never even use the gamepad I have now.

#22 Posted by KBFloYd (14522 posts) -

yea...but id buy a turd if it had nintendos name on it...so

i dont think it would sell at all unless its bundled.

#23 Posted by Star0 (451 posts) -
@KBFloYd said:

yea...but id buy a turd if it had nintendos name on it...so

i dont think it would sell at all unless its bundled.

You'd buy a turd *points and laughs*

#24 Edited by Megavideogamer (5501 posts) -

If Nintendo did release an Advanced version of the game pad. I would buy one. HD visuals would be nice. But I would like an actual processor built into the Gamepad SP or whatever Nintendo named such a device. I would like Nintendo to upgrade the Wii U gamepad into an actual tablet computer. With a Multi touch screen instead of the single touch screen that the Gamepad has now.

But such an upgrade would result in a Gamepad tablet costing $200.00 to be on par with the Kindle Fire tablet. or any other low end computer tablet. Which at best an enhanced Gamepad tablet could ever be. This is unpractical as the Gamepad is expensive as it is now. So Nintendo won't be making an HD gamepad or one with other enhancements. But I would buy one if they did.