Worth picking up Pikmin 1/2 on Wii?

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I already have them for the GC but am wondering if the Wiimote controls make it worth it. Pikmin 3 is amazing with them.

Anyone own the Wii versions can give their opinion on it?

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I have Pikmin on Wii and Pikmin 2 on GameCube, definitely prefer the Wii controls!

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Nah, the pointer controls are iffy and not refined, pikmin 3 has far better pointer controls because they were made from the ground up. And I don't know this for sure, but i think the whistle sounds can only come out of the craptastic wiimote speaker. I very well could be wrong on that one... but i hate the wii mote speaker lol

plus the wii pikmin's are kind of expensive now anyways

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i beat the first pikmin on GC and wii....i prefer the wiimote version.

you are going to buy these used though...they are OOP.

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The first Pikmin has become a bit archaic over the years -- and a little expensive for my tastes -- but Pikmin 2 is a masterpiece, and I can't imagine playing with a GC controller after buying the Wii version. The pointer controls aren't as refined as Pikmin 3, but they're a hell of a lot better than the GC controller. I'd say yes.

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Awesome, thanks everyone. Yea, unfortunately both Wii versions are quite expensive. I'm tempted though as Pikmin turns into a whole other beast using the nunchuk/Wiimote combo. It's like it's a game tailor made for it. I don't care if it's perfect, just functional.

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Absolutely, the motion controls work really well.

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Absolutely worth it. Pikmin 2 Wii can still be had for $20-$30. Just yesterday I bought Pikmin 1 Wii from Gamestop for $26.99, perfect disc, box, and manual (first print artwork too!). I used the Gamestop app to keep checking availability until a copy popped up in a local store, I had to go to two stores as the first store's copy looked like it had been chewed by a dog.

As far as the updates to the Wii versions, the pointer controls are great and the visuals look very clean when upscaled. Very much worth it.

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Pikmin 2 Best Buy

Less than 20 bucks.

Appreciate it but I'm on Maui and BB doesn't ship. Store p/u only, nearest one on O'ahu. Damn cheap too, Amazon has it for $59.