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#1 Posted by reno7728 (258 posts) -

just to see what u think is the worst ninty flagship series (and wich is your favourite if u want)

and if u can think of anything else just say

#2 Posted by monty_4256 (8577 posts) -

worst there is definitly star fox

it's gone down the drain since the n64, horribly

#3 Posted by Ponmop (489 posts) -
Yeah, of those you listed, Star Fox is probably the weakest-- right now, anyway.
#4 Posted by dragon7x2k (3695 posts) -
I think nintendo is killing DK series slowly with bad games
#5 Posted by toadster101 (12622 posts) -
Metroid IMO.
#6 Posted by hazbazz (7710 posts) -
Donkey Kong series is slowly dying. DKCountry was great though
#7 Posted by BubbyJello (2750 posts) -
#8 Posted by Sants412 (5600 posts) -
DK. They killed it with Barrell Blast.
#9 Posted by chang_1910 (16051 posts) -
it would be between DK and Star fox... i think that Star fox is worth between the 2
#10 Posted by Dark_Link142 (6726 posts) -
At the moment it's the Star Fox series. It went downhill after Star Fox 64 IMO.
#11 Posted by SuperMario_46 (4960 posts) -

Donkey kong.

#12 Posted by Benno2000 (428 posts) -
star fox, but there all good series!
#13 Posted by 1up7 (115 posts) -
DK, I mean they can make it great but they chose not to
#14 Posted by ZumaJones07 (16458 posts) -
Star Fox then Donkey Kong The last two Starfox games didn't stand a chance for anything (I played and beat both and has no satisfaction at the end - good thing I borrowed them) ...maybe that's why Fox is top tier :o Donkey Kong is slowly declining in my opinion. They release the games far in between each other and when one eventually does come out...ehh...it ain't anything stellar.
#15 Posted by JordanElek (17719 posts) -

Donkey Kong series is slowly dying.hazbazz

Yeah, DK has become the experimental franchise or something. There hasn't been a true DK platformer since DK64, and even that was just okay. Donkey Konga is awesome, but it really has nothing to do with the DK series itself.

#16 Posted by jack_michael (1162 posts) -

definatly donky kong, on the snes it was great, but they have since been lazy in making a great donky kong game, even the 64 one was a near replica of banjo-kazooie. don't forget kong was the first nintendo character, and has been let down overthe years.

#18 Posted by Goron_Link (217 posts) -
DK never a big fan never will be. Star Fox isnt bad. I liked Star Fox Adventures just way too easy
#19 Posted by chris3116 (12174 posts) -

DK for sure.

Star Fox, I never found myself into this franchise.

Kirby, same reason from Star Fox.

Pokemon, it was good when Blue/Red came now it's lame.

#20 Posted by sentay0 (803 posts) -
Donkey Kong is the worst right now even though Donkey Kong Country is still godly the best I would say is Metroid (simply because is's my favorite and because there has never been a godawful Metroid game).
#21 Posted by osan0 (12594 posts) -

worst there is definitly star fox

it's gone down the drain since the n64, horribly


aye i agree sadly. started off so well on snes, got even better on N64......and then it flatlined.

im currently playing a game called freelancer on the PC. the controls for this game would work really really well on the wii (it basically involves moving the mouse to different parts of the screen to steer ure ship). a starfox game with those kind of controls would be realy kewl. none of this on land adventure crap though.

#23 Posted by nintendofreak_2 (25896 posts) -
Out of those? Donkey Kong. At least Fox is in real games instead of crappy spin-offs with required peripherals (:cry: Why DK? Why?)
#24 Posted by Rundas (56 posts) -

Metroid IMO.toadster101

WOW! im in total disagreement with your opinion. Metroid is a tie in 2nd there with mario. Zelda is definitely their strongest franchise atm. Star Fox and DK are way behind. DK died after DK64 IMO. IT was fun and had a good replay value but then it went so far down hill. Star Fox stayed alive for a while on the GC and then was lost shortly there after. SF:Adv. and SF:Assault were good games and all but once beaten you really dont feel like doing all that again.

#25 Posted by The_Gr8_Leon (267 posts) -


No need to Caps Lock, Mister "I like to use Caps Lock".

But anyway, I voted for Donkey Kong simply because, you know a series is bad when it comes out with a game that involves you frantically flailing your arms to build speed. *goes and plays Rayman Raving Rabbids*

#26 Posted by meetroid8 (21139 posts) -
DK hasn't had a good game since DK64. Fox on the other hand...Adventures was a good alternative for while waiting for Wind Waker so it was good it was just criticized for not being enough like 64.Assault had really really fun Air missions but the ground combat was average so Get rid of most if not all ground combat and you have a good starfox game. DK...well I just think the bongos are stupid.
#27 Posted by StephenBassford (889 posts) -

Oyeah, kirby is the worst, if that even counts.

#28 Posted by Ponmop (489 posts) -
Ok, so far 11 people have named either Mario, Metroid, or Zelda as the worst Nintendo franchise. All I can say is... WHAT?!
#29 Posted by NECR0CHILD313 (7025 posts) -
I can't say I'm fond of the Nintendogs series. Then again, I can't say I ever played one either, so all in all, I can't say much.
#30 Posted by Duckman5 (18934 posts) -
#31 Posted by raahsnavj (4887 posts) -
Ranked (Best to worst): 1) Metroid - It at least is a series where the games can be put in a historical time line, without guessing. 2) Zelda - Next closest at attempting to be a series. But it's dark magic to try and put it in order. 3) Mario - Which came first? second? third? Did he become a tennis star before or after saving the princess the ump-tenth time? It's a franchise, not a series. 4) Donkey Kong - Diddo with Mario. Who would have guessed that after a rough start he would become a good guy again... only to steal mini-mario toys? For a series, Donkey Kong has been in and out of rehab more than Lindsey Lohan. 5) Star Fox - This is a series? I guess it did have two games worth playing... even though I was only compelled to play the first. The only thing the first game had going for it was it's FX chip. Nintendo tried to milk it during the rough years, so it can be at the bottom. It almost goes to say, out of all of the choices, you would have to pick either Metroid or Zelda though, they are the only Series games in the pile.
#32 Posted by theragu40 (3332 posts) -
I demand to know who chose Mario, Zelda, or Metroid. Are you serious? Because if you are, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your opinion is incorrect.
#33 Posted by elemental_drago (1816 posts) -
My vote went to DK, largely b/c I've never been a huge fan of the series. It just never struck the right chord with me.
#34 Posted by lolag (2370 posts) -

well i personally think dk is the worst series atm what didnt they stick with the platformer it was really great they should have just stick with it.

star fox had a rough time with the gamecube although i never played them, itseems thamost of the opinions towards those 2 games are one of the worst in the star fox series

metroid only played mp3 so i really cant comment on that

mario is doing really good just add mario to any game guaranteed to be in the 10 top selling games for that month so mario is doing ok Cant wait for galaxy

zelda cant commenty cuz i never played a Zelda game in my life

#35 Posted by Gameslayer3 (19916 posts) -
i hate Zelda games. i have tryed them and there has been nothing that made me want to play them again. i didn't say DK because i never played a DK game. like the star fox series thogh
#36 Posted by pooladden (264 posts) -
star fox big time!! ever since ive played the N64 version it felt so lacking! i dont know how to explain but w/e i like dk jungle beat , dk jungle climber and donkykong country for snes and n64 were great. But NOTHING CAN BET METROID!!!!!! super metroid = best side scrolling game of all time and metroid prime is like heaven , its the only game i prefer over halo ANYDAY!!! metroid prime = my God . I still play the first 1 on my wii!!!
#37 Posted by Cowmanik (506 posts) -

I believe we all know the story of the origin of Starfox Adventures. Starfox Adventures was originally Dinosaur Planet but was changed to fit in the Starfox universe for some reason. Whenever a game starts as a unique franchise then gets familar characters slapped in it at the last second you know something is up, Super Mario Brothers 2 had the same problem (it was really Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic) but I understand that the game wasn't changed beyond character sprites so I can look past that little stunt. It just seems to me that Starfox still lacks direction.

#38 Posted by Relys (4426 posts) -
#39 Posted by guyguyguy1234 (968 posts) -

DK, its just not very good

Starfox- I love starfox, just not the new ones...

#40 Posted by darkmark91 (2851 posts) -
Im I the only Nintendo fan who does not like Mario (and I am Italian too.)
#41 Posted by AlmightyDerek (4144 posts) -

I think nintendo is killing DK series slowly with bad gamesdragon7x2k

Yeah I was thinking that too. I don't think Nintendo has any plans to make a Donkey Kong Country calibur game ever again. They just want to use the DK liscence to help sell a bunch of mediocre games. Although I still voted for Star Fox. I've played all of those games and other than Star Fox 64 they have been fairly boring. Star Fox command would have been great had most of the missions been on rails instead of the free range missions.

#42 Posted by valmonte (736 posts) -
DK in my opinion.
#43 Posted by pho8nix (69 posts) -
I would have to say after N64 it has to be the DK series. DK country series were great and the N64 3D game was one of the best games i have played. But gamecube and up they havent done a single thing, they have just used the characters in random games to fill in like the mario party and soccer series. The fox series are great with the N64 and two gamecube titles but i think a real fighter version like the N64 is needed. It looked great on the ending of the Adventure series on the gamecube for star fox, put it on the Wii and with the remote as a fighters stick. THATS COOL!!
#44 Posted by Giff1988 (800 posts) -
Metroid Prime. Other than the SPNES version I hate em all.... stupid maps making me look incompetent!!! My sister can play that game better than me... so my vote is out of spite for Nintendo making me look like a noob in front of impressionable siblings.
#45 Posted by HDShadow (2241 posts) -
Metroid. The only one I MIGHT like is Super Metroid, since I haven't played it. But I can honestly state the Metroid Prime series bores me more than playing all 8 Mario Parties in a row, 5 hours each. I've tried playing them numerous times, but it just sucks in my opinion. I still give it chances because of the praise though, since I'm still asking to borrow MP3 from my friends, but after 30 minutes, Wii Sports is back in.
#46 Posted by Super-Mario-Fan (4279 posts) -

Im I the only Nintendo fan who does not like Mario (and I am Italian too.)darkmark91

Yes, you probably are.

Oh, and back on topic, I'd have to say DK. Outside of the Mario sports games and Smash Bros., his reputation nowadays is very small.

#47 Posted by cobrax80 (4658 posts) -
I'll say so far it's DK, the games have been nothing but rhythm games while star fox games have been decent.
#48 Posted by calvesmaster (54 posts) -

it's between DK and StarFox in my opinion. Both series have been going downhill since N64. I guess DK is worse because there hasn't been a DK platformer that includes the classic Donkey Kong theme since DK64. At least they have tried with StarFox, even though none of the games since SF64 have been very good.

#49 Posted by Zero_Space (659 posts) -
I'd say starfox is about tied with DK. imo
#50 Posted by Giff1988 (800 posts) -
Star Fox adventures was a really good game. You may argue that it was very star foxy but it was still good. But the big N needs to go back to the roots of the series and make it a rail shooter again with the acasional free fly boss battles.