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I bought the game when it launched, but i only played it for a short time. Today i spent some quality time with the game. Its a amazing game and it is a shame people are missing out. Yes its frustrating and hard, but its a great challenge and a blast to play. Its a unique hard core action game and really pleasing on the eyes too.

What are your reasons for passing on this game? Reviews, word of mouth, the demo?

I personally can not imagine anyone who owns a WiiU would want to miss out on this gem.

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I have the exact same feelings as you. It seemed like so many people were excited about The Wonderful 101 before it came out, then it was released and everyone kind of passed it by.

Maybe the demo deflated a lot of the energy, which would be a shame, because this is a game that requires more than a little time to really get into and start having a great time with. The demo is actually what turned me on to the game, because I WANTED something more than a simple action game.

Whatever reason you may have for being on the fence, just get the game. There's a TON of content, it's a blast to play, and it's a fun world to be in. It's one of my favorite games on the WiiU and definitely the most unique game I've played in a long time.

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I got it around launch day and don't regret it at all. I still haven't beat it but I look forward to playing tons more. Very original, challenging, and funny. A must-have Wii U game in my opinion. I hope it has decent sales this holiday season.

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i said i was going to get it...then i got other games instead...

now idk if ill ever get it...maybe i will.

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@KBFloYd said:

i said i was going to get it...then i got other games instead...

now idk if ill ever get it...maybe i will.

It'll drop in price. Just don't forget about it when you're looking for something to play.

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The game is the type of game thats meant for long term, like that one arcade game you dont understand till you keep doing it and doing it till you rack the high score in levels you found yourself devastated in.

Its a truly amazing game and its sad some reviews took it the wrong way because they played it on short term to make a review deadline giving it a negative look. Gamespot's 8.0 was pretty fair as it understands it atleast

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The battle system is absolutely brilliant.

It is very balanced, and the combos you can pull off are incredible.

The game is very rough in its more technical aspects, but it is great overall. I absolutely love the cutscenes, characters, dialogues and plot. I was definitely not expecting to see so much quality writing in a game of this kind.

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I'll wait for a price drop before getting into it

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I'm lovin' it too and wish more people would buy it.

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I'll get it when its cheap... occupied with other games atm.. X & Y :P