Will we get N64 or NGC games on the Wii-U eshop?

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Nintendo is taking their sweet time getting games ported over there. I know they say they're putting DS games there, but I'd rather see some (more) SNES , N64 or GC games on there. I play my Wii-U quite often just on the gamepad, and being able to play classics from those systems would own.

There's money in that back catalogue, so what's taking them so long?

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A lot of the good N64 games were made by Rare, so unfortunately some games will never show up on Wii U Nintendo has already put the Mario Party games, Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, Star Fox 64, the Zelda games, Pilotwings 64, F-Zero X, and Wave Race 64 were already put on Wii. Those games could show up on Wii U. People have been trying to get Nintendo to do something with Donkey Kong 64 for awhile. Goldeneye is a no go.

As far as GC games are concerned, Nintendo would probably want to remaster some major titles like Smash Bros Melee and Mario Sunshine. I doubt it will be in a rush to put up the Pikmin games, Odama, and Battalion Wars. The creator of F-Zero did not like GX, so that game is out. It would be cool if Nintendo would release the update Metroid Prime games on Wii U, but that would screw over the people who bought the Trilogy on Wii. I am not seeing Nintendo putting anything up for quite awhile. You are probably going to have to wait until after Mario Kart and Smash Bros release.

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I never had a wii, so I'm just wondering, did they release only one game a week for that eshop?

It's just frustrating that it's taking this long to get quality releases on the eshop, so many of these games could bring money in for them while they work on retail titles.

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um n64 has 300 plus games , but many of which are by 3rd party and top gear rally in particular would be my first if they could get it , other wise i dont think so , theres already only 21 games on wiis vc