Wii-Remote Won't Work

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#1 Posted by Nick11478 (1628 posts) -
It just.. Stopped working. You know how whenever you first turn the system on and you have to hit "A". Well it doesn't work for that either. The battaries are brand new. What should I do?
#2 Posted by aransom (7408 posts) -

Have you tried re-snycing it?

#3 Posted by Caybrown (3722 posts) -
You need to sync it. Press the sync button inside the sd slot cover then press the sync button inside the back off the controller.
#4 Posted by VyseN1 (924 posts) -
This happened to me once. Unplug the power cord on the system, then plug it back in. It should work then.
#5 Posted by Nick11478 (1628 posts) -

Thanks. It works now. I just unplugged it. Then it worked.

#6 Posted by Kos1c (195 posts) -

This happened to me once. Unplug the power cord on the system, then plug it back in. It should work then.

I got the same problem, i tried unplugging the console, and plugging it back in, but the lights come on for alittle longer than turn off again :S The batteries are new, aswell as the charger kit is on max, so i don't know what's up with it. -_-

#7 Posted by Kos1c (195 posts) -

*don't know if this posted or not :S

I got it to work after posting my last post. I removed the USB charger dock from the console, unplugged the wii, and plugged it back in, and changed the chargerable batteriers in it. Then instantly sync it with my machine and it worked.

Thanks on the tip of unplugging the machine to get it to work.

#8 Posted by deniderveni (1 posts) -
my wiimote is the same, it just won't tun on, i've tried pluging and unpluging, syncing and its none of those poblems. I even tried opening it ( its an original wiimote btw) to see if there's any leak damage and NOTHING, not damage to the motherboard either. before it broke i had a rechargable battery pack for it, my advice is don't buy 3rd party stuff, it messes it up. Just buy some normal rechargable batteries from poundland and get one of those OFFICIAL wiicharger stands for like a fiver r sumMING. So does anyone have any information on how to fix this and remember IT HAS NOTHING TO O WITH SYNCING OR THE WII, ITS THE REMOTE ITSELF
#9 Posted by vgamefreak225 (270 posts) -

Have you tried re-snycing it?


Yea, that might work.

#10 Posted by Stewart7898 (1 posts) -
I tried it all but it wont work! This really SUCKS!
#11 Posted by swimmer33 (3594 posts) -

Same thing is happeneing to me. I just got a new sensor bar from online. I can turn on the wii and press a, but then once the Wii comes on the cursor won't appear on the screen. The second WiiMote will not find the Wii when I try to sync it. Any ideas on this?