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#1 Posted by maxinho (19 posts) -
A Headset seems easily workable for the Wii, I've heard rumours but can someone give me any info or does someone have one and is it worth it?
#2 Posted by Durhamster (859 posts) -
There isn't one and wont be one. We're getting Wiispeak.
#3 Posted by maxinho (19 posts) -

I read that and it came across a whole room thing, so no headset which is annoying, at least it's a step in the right direction, a headset wouldn't be that hard, just connect it wirelessly like a Wii Fit Board or USB it like a Microphone.

#4 Posted by Durhamster (859 posts) -
Unlike a headset though if you're with a friend online on the same system as you playing with others online you don't need two wiispeaks. Also the wii will supposenly filter out any sounds coming from your tv so it won't sound like one big cluster of noise.
#5 Posted by PhazonBlazer (11861 posts) -
we're stuck with Wii Speak
#6 Posted by EmperorZeruel (4194 posts) -
maybe there will be a third party one
#7 Posted by Ironskull13 (96 posts) -

i think there will be a third party headset that comes out after wii speak and it will be wireless and connects to the USB port in the back of the system but hey wht do i know....