Why Wii U will be just fine

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Donkey Kong TF... Overly hyped, but it'll be fun regardless, just like the last one

Mario Kart 8... because we all love brutally murdering our friends at racing games.

Beyonetta 2... dat ass tho

Hyrule Warriors... *throws money at Nintendo* now this is how you properly ruin my childhood!

Smash Bros.... Because the last one sold 6 million copies

X... Because it's a JRPG that isn't final fantasy

Sonic Boom... This should be a joke, but Naughty Dog talent is designing it. (sonic + collectathon!)

yoshi yarn... I just hope it isn't as piss easy as kirby

Plus Nintendo always has a hidden game or two every year. (for the love of god, METROID!!!)

All of these have a 2014 release window. This is why Miyamoto is okay with current production of games. He's got ass tons of games slated for this year, mostly first party.

This is looking exactly like the release of 3ds. The first year was a bunch of ports, niche games, and broken promises (friggin megaman legends 3 and the $250 price). then there was a sudden explosion of monthly games, such as animal crossing, luigi's mansion 2, a link between worlds, pokehmans x and y, and fire emblem, ect. all coming out back to back on a monthly basis.

If nintendo sticks to their 2014 release date on all these, it'll be monthly first party Wii U games for almost a full year. It's gonna be one Helluva year.

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I'm actually pretty disappointed that Hyrule Warriors exists.....

Dynasty Warriors is fun because it's mindless action. But when you actually analyse the series it should be pretty hard to respect it. The graphics are bland, the combat mechanics are shallow, The AI is terrible. Sure it's fun but it lacks almost every element that makes Nintendo games so great.

I don't think a Nintendo game(especially Zelda) should be lowered to such a lame standard. "press A to make link hack and slash the crap out of everything!"

If I'm lucky there will be way more to the game than what they showed.

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MK is the only one that has a release window given - May. As for the rest, well Nintendo will probably spread out their release so ..X most likely will be a 2015 title. :P

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I think Nintendo's got a stacked hand they're waiting for e3 to unveil. The Wii U should have a killer year in 2014.

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Things are looking great for this year, but I really hope Nintendo has some BIG reveals up their sleeve for E3.

Please, for the love of everything holy, PLEASE reveal a new Metroid game...