Why does Zelda: ALBW.....

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.....have its overworld still divided into different sections?

I could understand it being on the SNES that limited memory would be an issue of the game's design to necessitate the partitioning of the world into different sectors, but I'd think the capability of the 3DS and its memory today is far past what's required for the entire world to be loaded at once.

Just kind of strikes me as strange. Plants would have to respawn fairly quickly as would enemies, but it'd make it much less disjointed experience from a gameplay perspective. I suspect the reason this wasn't done is because the game would need to be completely reprogrammed from the ground up for this to happen, but that's pure speculation on my part.

Still, all the game's assets are already there so I wouldn't think it'd take that much time. Anyone familiar with programming shed some light on this?

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I think it mightve been done to keep the framerate at a steady 60fps even with 3d on

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I think it mightve been done to keep the framerate at a steady 60fps

This. The 3D effect is known for lowering the frame rate for many 3DS games. Keeping it simple and dividing the overworld into grids allows the game to run smoothly with or without 3D.

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i personally don't mind it. it works just like it did in the SNES, or all top down zeldas for that matter, so i hadn't even thought of it until now. but yeah, probably to keep a smooth 60, which is an incredible feat, especially with 3D on (the high framerate makes 3D so easy on the eyes, i can actually play the game a whole day without feeling any strain).

and for the record, they did NOT recycle any code from ALttP, because that would be pretty silly (if not undoable). they didn't replace assets and built a new adventure with the same code, they rewrote the whole thing because the whole game is a completely different beast, despite the similarities (for starters, ALBW has 3D graphics, instead of 2D)

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I think it mightve been done to keep the framerate at a steady 60fps even with 3d on

Yea that makes sense I guess. I'd rather have it at 60 FPS and sectors than 30 and not.

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Oh, I thought it was divided so once you start finding the babies for Mother MyaMya (forgot how to spell it) the division lines let you know how many are in each region.

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Cause its a sequel and throw back to ALTTP. Nintendo wanted to give people a feeling they hadn't felt since back then. I have no issue with it.