Who is your favorite fire emblem character?

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Who is your favorite fire emblem character? (it doesn't have to be playable)

Mine is Validar!

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Personality wise, I loved Basilio. He has a line that goes as such... "They can kiss my brown ass." It made me absolutely die when he said it. I also love Gregor, Owain, Lucina and Severa. The latter three kicked all kinds of ass during my play through and I loved it. Just about nothing could stand up to them.

My waifu from Awakening is Cordelia.

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Lyn. Like the down to earth, prairie land girl cliche she has going.

Awakening had some decent if unmemorable characters.

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Tharja. Beautiful but deadly.

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and Black Knight

so far.

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Anna is love. <3

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@Bigboi500: But she's so psychotic. And bitchy to Noire.

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The Obsidian from Sacred Stones. I forgot his name.

And Wilhelm.

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Joshua the swordmaster from Sacred Stones. I so wanted to BE that son of a bitch!

Also, Dozla was awesome(as a character. As a unit, less so- I never use berserkers that much), but paired with L'Rachel and Rennac, they were hilarity personified.

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Lyn, hands down, she has good attitude, her background is kinda cliche, but works, and she's deadly with every weapon especially with the Mani Katti.

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