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Has qualified for club elite nintendo rewards and is waiting for the announcement that is upcoming May 13th presumably when club nintendo gets up and going?

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I'm 1337 status; I'm not holding my breath for any announcement they are supposedly having on the 13th....all I recall them saying is that they are going to take orders for the physical rewards again on that date, you know - the same crappy junk that you could also find at a garage sale. As for the announcements for the rewards for 1337 status, that usually comes in the middle of the year. I'm not holding my breath for those either.

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I'm 20 coins away from platinum. When is the deadline?

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I've been Platinum since Super Mario 3D World back in December.

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June some time. Might be June 1st?

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Still some time left. Need to be sure I don't forget. :P


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Yeah, I'm pretty sure MK8 is the last new game to redeem on Club Nintendo before the Club Nintendo year ends.