Which Professor Layton should I get next?

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#1 Posted by Yoshi9000 (397 posts) -

I really enjoyed playing Professor Layton and the last specter. This is my only game in the series though, any reccomnedations on which one I should get next. I know there's about three others.

#2 Posted by YoshiYogurt (5987 posts) -
Maybe you should have started in order.... get the curious village.
#3 Posted by spike6958 (4879 posts) -
Yes, play them in order. The first three games, while they can be enjoyed separately, do have overlapping plot points. So your best bet is to play in order The Curious Village, The Diabolicle Box, and The Unwound Future. After that there is also a 3DS entry in the series called The Miracle Mask, which I believe (though I've yet to play this one), is linked more to The Last Specter.