Where to buy a Wii Lens Cleaning Kit?

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#1 Posted by NeoStar9 (1745 posts) -

I know Nintendo.com sells them but I can't get their website to work once I get to the product page. When I click "Buy" next to the product the page times out. It's like that for all the products for me. I rather not pay the resellers on Amazon.com as they are overcharging. Does anyone know of any other place online that sells them? My local Gamestop claims they don't make them anyway, not true, so I'm not going to deal with them.


#2 Posted by AlmightyDerek (4144 posts) -

I got one a couple of months ago from Best Buy. It was $10.

#3 Posted by Nintendofreakx (114 posts) -

Amazon is another place to buy them, thats where i got mine at in november.

#4 Posted by rubber-chicken (2077 posts) -
I've also see it in the electronics section of Wal-Mart
#5 Posted by Rod90 (7266 posts) -
Mmm, usually amazon is the best place.
#6 Posted by Jelley0 (1867 posts) -

I got mine at Gamestop

#7 Posted by car-man666 (1 posts) -
just call the toll free number on the back of you're wii manual guide and they will send you a copy by mail, took a week to arrived and cost 17.00$ better than amazon's (taxes and shipping included)