When to sell my Wii U?

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I managed to get a Wii U at the midnight release and I'm not sure when the best time is to sell it. I want to sell it for the most possible, so would shortly after Black Friday be the best time or closer to Christmas?
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Your a awful person you know that right? Go get a decent job.

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someone at my university got the school to approve ads for the 32GB set on sale for $450. I was shocked the university allowed this price gaughing (spell) on campus. But I did write that the MSRP is 350 on one of them.
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Wait until after black Friday. Despite what others say there is nothing wrong with selling for a profit. Should owners of Babe Ruth rookie cards sell those for a penny because it was originally sold in packs for 5 cents? Should home owners sell their houses for the same price they paid in 1980? No, if you own something you are free to sell it for whatever people are willing to pay. Heck the $450 price mentioned in a previous post is hardly gouging. The original owner had to pay sales tax, paid for transportation or shipping fees, and spend their time to acquire the console. I know people who have hired personal shoppers and they charge a lot more. You bought one wiiu and are looking to sell it. It's not like you bought 20 and now little Timmy will not have one because of you.
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To answer your question, I'd sell it now before Nintendo actually sends out new shipments. Why would you wait until Nintendo has a chance to ship more units out?

I personally think you should open it and enjoy it though, it's awesome. The fun is worth more than some extra cash IMO.

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I think Nintendo has met up with demand better than alot of people thought. It wasn't as hard as it was with Wii so far for people to get a WiiU
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Agree with the above, little profit to be made I'm afraid.
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