What would you name the next Nint. Console?

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I think it would be both awesome and nostalgic if the next console was purely called "Nintendo". Since the first console is the Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo could definitely use their own name as the next console.

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Not a bad plan. I loved the name Fusion. The Nintendo Fusion that was rumored a while ago is a great name and tells the purpose. Problem is that it is too good. I think it'll be called something weird like they always do. Maybe something like Nintendo HDS (high def 3DS I'm thinking) and the UNES Short for Ultra Nintendo Entertainment System. It keeps the U in it because it will be bc with Wii U games. I think it will also allow you to use your HDS as a controller for the UNES and play HDS games on a big screen with improved effects lighting etc. All you gotta do is pull the game out of the HDS and put it in the UNES.

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the Wii-Me

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The Ninboxstation

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I like the Revolution rumor that ended up being the Wii (it was the Wii, right?). Genesis is also cool.

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The Nintendo Nightmare

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@Aquat1cF1sh said:

I like the Revolution rumor that ended up being the Wii (it was the Wii, right?). Genesis is also cool.

Wait, wasn't Revolution the code name for the project, or something like that?

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S-DNGS - Super-Duper Nintendo Gaming System

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Nintendo Redux

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Ultra Nintendo Entertainment System

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Revolution. I have no idea why they dropped this awesome name.

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NGS? Nintendo Game System? I like @bunchanumbers idea though. That's about the only other thing "new-ish" they can do.

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@Aquat1cF1sh said:

I like the Revolution rumor that ended up being the Wii (it was the Wii, right?). Genesis is also cool.

Sega already did the genesis... I think a name around the original nintendo system like a super nintendo 2 or something.

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The Nintendo Seven

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@thehig1 said:

the Wii-Me

Haha, I hope not.

@Chozofication said:

Nintendo Redux

That sounds pretty sweet actually.

@ps4hasnogames said:

The Nintendo Seven

"You feel like playing some Seven?"

Kind of sounds like a card game, haha.

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I just hope they keep "Wii" out of it

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Have it be endorsed by U2. Instant sales.

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I think they should go to a naming system where one name will represent the brand going forward. So something like Nintendo GS (for gaming system), or ES (for entertainment system). I'm not sure we need a new console name or sequel when new hardware comes out.

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Since Nintendo is looking to build a common development platform for its next gen handheld and console, I think the name should reflect that. Something like

Nintendo Lynk for the console, and

Nintendo Lynk Mobile for the handheld

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Depends on what type of system its gonna be. If it was truly made to compete, I'd go with Revolution. If its another system going the same direction as Wii-brand, maybe Wii Gi or something...

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@YearoftheSnake5: @Grieverr: I think you are both onto something here.

if nintendo are building a common platform for all their devices then the name of the platform should be the main brand. this would assume though that any devices that use this platform have access to all the same software. if not then perhaps hiding the platform name would be better. otherwise it could lead to a lot of confusion. you could buy a nintendo device and it may not work with all games on the platform.

i would call this nintix....because im a bit of a nerd :P.

if its a case of common platform for development (which i think is what nintendo are talking about when they say common platform) but each device strictly has its own library then it really depends on what nintendo are doing. if they are going to go back to motion controls then the wii 2 is the obvious choice and would make a lot fo sense.

if they are doing something different then drop the wii name.

if they are re-entering the hardware race and plan to make a Ps4/X1 copy (which would be an awful mistake but thats for another topic) then the super nintendo entertainment system 2 (aka snes 2). its something a lot of people would understand.

if their next handheld is going to be a phone (difficult one to call that. on the one hand very crowded. on the other current phones are rubbish gaming devices) then i would call it n-verse.

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@osan0: Eww, sorry, but n-verse reminds me of the Nokia N-gage, and that's a bad taste that will never leave anyone's mouth! lol!

I think/hope that gimmicky names will not come back next gen. Sony is on the right track. I especially think MS needs to standardize their name. Where do you go from Xbox to Xbox 360 to Xbox 1? I hope they don't go with 2.

So, I think Nintendo can follow other consumer electronics and move to an easy to remember model number, like "Nintendo ES1". Or maybe just refer to it by year, like a car, the " 2017 Nintendo ES".

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Nintendo Pii. ;3

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Nintendo NESgen - 'A link to the future'

Nintendo IllumiNES - 'Come into the light'

Nintendo Tesla - 'Magic...as always'

Nintendo Core - 'For the core, by the core'

Nintendo Sphere - 'Gaming has gone global'

Nintendo Eclipse - 'Choose your side'

Nintendo orgaNES - 'You can't live without it'

Nintendo Pure - 'Now you're playing with PURE power!'

Nintendo Volume - 'Small package, big possibilities'

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@osan0: The common development platform is something similar to iOS and Android where games can be ported from one device to the next with minimal effort. Right now, porting something from the 3DS to Wii U takes a considerable amount of work and a common OS(platform) would help alleviate this issue. This would certainly help in the realm of virtual console and indy games. Developers would be building one project, rather than working on two separate versions of that same project for the home console and handheld.

I hope they drop the Wii name. The public's perception of that name is tainted.

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wii3. it would be the 3rd instalment in the wii line, and would support many games in the 3rd dimension!!

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Wombat and have a limited edition Golden Wombat for launch lol

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Whatever it is, make it a proper name and not a gimmicky name like Wii, or even worse, Wii U.

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@sleekprism79 said:

wii3. it would be the 3rd instalment in the wii line, and would support many games in the 3rd dimension!!

You mean, 3Dwii (dwee)?

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@yokofox33: Dam it I just though if the wii u2 but you beat me too it.

Endorsed by u2 hahaha.

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after pondering such a question I arrived at Nintendo LINK, a console that is modular and you can add on all types of typical Nintendo crap.

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Wii - Wii U - Wii Us - Wii Me - Wii They - Wii Him/Her - Wii Everyone

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The Super WII Fusion.

Let's go back to putting super in front of everything \o/

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Nintendo 65, Gamecube 2, or SuperDuper Nintendo.

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None-tendo, for all the games it will have? :)

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Nintendo Seventh System

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Wii 2, so they can pretend the Wii U never existed and start afresh, not repeating the same mistakes made with its predecessor.

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Nintendo Terminal :|

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@Aquat1cF1sh: I liked the Revolution name too, maybe they should go for something like Dark Matter or Zodiac but they're more likely to go with something like rainbows and butterflies. Can't hurt anybody's feelings.

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I am partial to the name Nintendo Planet

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wait crazier name just popped in this taco's head, Nintendo Trend

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@ail_taco said:

wait crazier name just popped in this taco's head, Nintendo Trend

eugh, might as well call it the Nintendo Fad

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@final_lap meh, not as catchy :D

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Nintendo Bandwagon

the system would have a wood finish