What will happen at Shareholders meeting on Jan 30th?

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Its no secret that Nintendo's recent revising down of their Wii U/3DS sales goals are big news. Iwata has hinted that the days of selling hardware for "20,000 yen" likely referring to 3DS XL and "30,000 yen" likely referring to Wii U may be over. Not only that but he said that the days of 6,000 yen software may be over too.

That of course doesn't mean they're getting out of hardware and software, just likely slashing prices. Nintendo may even produce a Nintendo Direct the day or two before this share holders meeting to reveal some big changes as Nintendo's investors are likely sharks who see blood. Nintendo isn't going anywhere but they're sure to be preparing some big changes.

Rumors say Nintendo is preparing a "new platform" and has already chosen the chipset in early 2013. I imagine this "platform" will be a "third pillar" much like the DS was to the GBA/Cube. I don't know what so different about it or when it comes out but it must factor into Nintendo's decisions somewhat.

Personally I think Nintendo will give some release dates at the shareholders meeting. They'll give a month window for Smash to get them encouraged for a potential Wii U sales spike at some point during that month. I'd also expect release windows for X and Bayo 2, plus a firm shipping date for Mario Kart.

A drastic prediction that I think has a small chance of happening but just might is Nintendo dropping the Game Pad from the Wii U or a Wii U redesign that cuts costs but keeps a lighter, smaller Game Pad. Either way, Iwata's statement about not being able to sell 30,000 Yen ($300-$350) and 20,000 Yen ($200) consoles points at price cuts for Wii U and 3DS. Maybe a $199 Wii U is coming? But without dropping the Game Pad or redesigning it a la PS3 slim to be cheaper, how can they achieve this?

What do you think will happen at Nintendo's shareholders meeting on Jan 30th? Surely they've got to have some big stuff to please investors in this tough time.

(P.S. Ignore whatever Jaysonguy says as he'll likely just flamebait people into derailing this thread.)

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Wouldnt it be nice if Nintendo released games for $40 instead of $50-60?

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@good_sk8er7 said:

Wouldnt it be nice if Nintendo released games for $40 instead of $50-60?

Yeah it would. Either that or have price drops after a year or so.

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Here are some options with my personal probabilities:

- Iwata steps down: 1%

- Wii U Price cut! Now $200 with a game!: 10%

- Scraps the gamepad controller as a necessary item in the bundle (allowing for price drop): 1%

- Virtual Console Reinvigoration: %2

- Smart phone companion app.!: %2

- Shows off new footage of long awaited game: 1%

- Nintendo announced real-life theme park: Nintendo Land, featuring rides such as Mario Galaxy Space Rocket, Poke'Park, Luigi's Haunted House, and Mario Bumper Karts!: 0.1%

- Nintendo goes mobile only: 0.1%

- Pokemon MMO: 0.01%

- Iwata announces that Nintendo will shut down everything, and he will sell off all assets of which the income will all go into his own pocket: 0.001%

- Nintendo admits that they cannot compete with Sony and Microsoft, so instead buys out the two companies. Announced Halo 5 and Uncharted 4 for Wii U this Christmas: 0.0001%

- Other: 82.7889%

As you can see, I have 82% in the other category indicating that I have no idea :P

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well smaller gamepad/screen - cheaper?...or scrap the gamepad as primary controller tho will kill it off pretty much..I don't mind it..as its takes up Wii U processing power - hardware weak as it is - it can barely support 2 gamepads. Switch to pro controllers/ wiimotes + nunchuck support..can support 4 no issues.

Iwata needs to change his defeatist attitude..whether he likes it or not Nintendo is competing when they make consoles..heck even if he wants to turn to smartphone gaming (worst idea), Nintendo will be competing. If he can't then he needs to step down.