What system do you own to go along with your Wii U or 3DS?

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It seems that the Wii U is considered a secondary system by many, so I thought I'd just see what exactly people own.

What is your setup? Do you have a primary and secondary console?

Personally, I have a Wii U as my primary system, and a 3DS for my handheld. I also have a PC that covers all the in betweens (third party, indie, etc.). In my opinion, I think this is the best setup for me, my favourite games are Nintendo games, and I still get the best versions of third party games.

What about you?

Note: Don't make this a system wars thread. This is purely for informative purposes. Everyone in this board is a Nintendo gamer in some respect, so I want to see how exactly a Nintendo gamer goes about gaming.

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I tend to buy and enjoy both Nintendo and Sony systems. I also have a 360 but I don't play it much or own many games for it. I mostly play Gears of War and Tales of Vesperia on it.

I also have a laptop PC for an occasional PC game like Fallout 1 & 2.

PS4 and Wii U get played about the same. 3DS gets played way more than my Vita, though. If it wasn't for the PSP titles that I missed out on last gen, I'd probably sell the Vita.

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Xbox One is my primary console for all multiplats and I have the Wii U and PlayStation 4 for their exclusives. I still have my Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and GameCube as well.

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@trugs26 said:

Personally, I have a Wii U as my primary system, and a 3DS for my handheld. I also have a PC that covers all the in betweens (third party, indie, etc.). In my opinion, I think this is the best setup for me, my favourite games are Nintendo games, and I still get the best versions of third party games.

Exactly this.

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Got a 3DS. PS3 and X360 are gathering dust at the moment and PC is ruling like a mofo.

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Got Wii U, 3DS, gaming PC & PS3 - still catching up on games on PS3...plan to get a PS4 sometime in future, I've pretty much completed all the games I've bought on Wii U at the moment. I will try to get 3rd party games on Wii U when its available & not too cut down..still waiting on Watch Dogs Wii U. The rest is on gaming PC/PS3. 3DS is the one I play just before Im about to sleep. :P

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@trugs26 said:

Personally, I have a Wii U as my primary system, and a 3DS for my handheld. I also have a PC that covers all the in betweens (third party, indie, etc.). In my opinion, I think this is the best setup for me, my favourite games are Nintendo games, and I still get the best versions of third party games.

Exactly this.

Yup, same.

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My only current gen consoles are Wii U and 3DS. I rarely play on my 3DS. I have spent hundreds of hours on Wii U already and still play PS3 a decent amount as well.

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PS4 (gathering dust)

Wii U (playing now)

3DS XL x2 (never use the unboxed one)

Vita (never use)

NES (use a lot)

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For curent gen, I have my Wii U as my primary and Xbox One as secondary.

I'm going to get that white PS4 later for a few exclusives and 3rd party games I don't want on Xbox.

I also play retro stuff like the N64 and Gamecube. My two favorite consoles. ^_^.

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Current gen - PS4 is my primary, and the Wii-U is mainly for Nintendo games. I also have a 3DS that I don't use that much (Nintendo games, and Professor Layton mainly).

Still play my 360 the most followed by my PS3.

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I got 99 consoles but X1 ain't one! :)

Current gen I have a Wii U and a PS4. The PS4 is my main console. I also have a 360 plugged in to the same TV, but since I decided not to get an X1, I let my Live subscription expire, so I don't play it much anymore.

I think the PS4 will give me the best bang for my buck, even if I miss some exclusives. The Wii U, of course, is for exclusives, and the one or two games that may be better (like Rayman with the gamepad features).

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i got wiiU/3DS and wii.

i play my wii everyday for call of duty. i never transfered the save file to my wiiU...

on wiiU i play mario kart 8 every week....plus indie and virtual console games.

3DS i seem to ignore but ive never been a handhels guy. i even sold the original gameboy in 91 :P

those are my main systems....

im thinking...maybe get a steambox in 2015....when there is enough 3rd party multiplats to justify it.

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my laptop is my primary gaming platform (its a 17" behemoth gaming laptop of course) though i havent played much on it in a while (dam you monster hunter!!! :P).

at the moment the wiiu is the only console i have access to and am currently playing monster hunter 3U. my wii, 360 (which i think may be broken :S) and PS3 are in mothballs. i hope to get the wii sorted again so i can transfer stuff over to my wiiu and finish xenoblade (though i kinda dont want to finish it :S) and skyward sword.

I have a vita and 3DS also and am playing Ys memories of celceta on the vita on and off. i keep meaning to get back to a link between worlds but between Ys, monster hunter and a few other games it keeps getting put on the long finger :S.

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I got em all. Discounted!!!!

But I seriously have all the systems.

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I have a PS3, a Vita, and a PC. I am going to get a 360 as soon as I can find one new for less than $100. It will probably be 5-6 years before I pull the trigger on a PS4 or Xbone.

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I have a PSvita and Playstation 4 to go with my 3DS and Wii U. I also plan to get a Xbox one. I always have all of the consoles for each generation. I am just missing the Xbox one. Then I am set for the 8th generation of games

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@Grieverr said:

I got 99 consoles but X1 ain't one! :)

Oh so close! It would have been better if you said it like this:
"I got 99 consoles but Xbox ain't One!" :P

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PC is my primary system I guess. I also have a PS3 set up but I've not played it for a while. At the moment though my Wii U and 3DSXL (just upgraded from a normal 3DS) are getting the most use. I'll probably pick up a PS4 and/or an Xbone if they release enough exclusives that I'm interested in.

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I have a Wii U and a 3ds, I also currently play a PS3. I'm not quite sure of what I will do in the future. I really do love my 3ds, I think it is the most enjoyable system I have right now. I also played a lot my PS3 but looking back at all the game I played, only 2 of them I will gladly replay so I could have kept my 360 and won,t have missed much if not at all.

Right now I like my Wii U but who knows, I may end up playing too much Mario and want something different but when I look at 3rd party multiplat games comming for the PS3/360/X1/PS4 ... I'm like ... well ... boring. I haven't sold my PS3 yet because I know Persona5 is conming exclusively on it and I must play that game. If it comes out on the Wii U ( atlus seems to love Nintendo a lot with all the game that coming out for them ) I will sell my PS3 for good and only keep my Nintendo systems.

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I have every single piece of video game hardware from the 80's forward but I'll just concentrate on this generation

I use my PS4, Xbox One, Android tablet, and PC daily.

I use the Vita about 5 or 6 times a week.

I use the 3DS maybe once a week but lately I've been checking in a few times a week for Animal Crossing lately.

The Wii U is about every two or three months? I played it at Christmas for Mario and Zelda, it sat until Unepic but that was a quick play. Then nothing until Mario Kart and about a week of that garbage is all I could stand. Now it's sitting again.

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Ps4 and Ps3

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I have a Wii U and 3DS to cover Nintendo. Xbox One and PC for all other titles. Debating switching from Xbox One to PS4 as most XB1 games are on PC.

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I have all the 7th gen systems. For this gen I only have Wii U and 3DS because I have yet to see a single reason to get a PS4 or Xbone. And Im not liking how those systems are shaping up anyway

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I have a 360. Probably won't be buying a Xbone or PS4. I'm getting older, have less time for videogames and have always liked Nintendo games the most.
Some more third party support would be great so that I could fill the void that games like GTA leave, but overall I think both Sony and Microsoft's systems are looking terribly bland.

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PC3DS ftw. I might get a Wii U eventually, but I am presently satisfied with my present arrangement.

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PS3 - catching up with some last gen exclusives and multiplats. Got one really cheap.
Vita - Hardly being used, also got one cheap.
PC - Used to be used a lot but it can't handle the latest games anymore.

Planning to get a PS4 when I have enough cash although I might wait until I can get a really good deal. So far, 3DS and Wii U are more than enough to keep me busy especially with my hectic schedule right now.

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I have every current gen system except the Vita, which I do want. The PS4 and the Xbox seriously just sit there. Destiny is gonna change that for my PS4 and that Halo collection should change it for the One. My Wii U is my primary system for now though, simply because it has more games coming out this year that I am interested in.

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3DS. I missed the WiiU ride sadly. Gotta catch up I suppose.

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PC. I couldn't think of one good reason to buy and XB1 or PS4 as Nintendo has the only exclusives worth buying...

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Current gen: PS4 + Wii U + 3DS + Vita. Consoles I use almost every day, handhelds a few times a week.

Last gen: PS3 + Wii + 360 + DS.

Older systems: GameCube + N64 + SNES + NES + GBA + GBC + Dreamcast + PS2 + PS One + Xbox.