What stores still sell GC games?

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Well I'm lookin to get Super Smash bros Melee, and I was wondering what stores still sell GC games so I could hopefully get lucky, my first attempt is a man in a flea market that has a lot of older games.

My last resort is....E-bay, willing to pay

Or maybe anonr here that might sell it to me


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gamestop sells old games in the store.. you can go in person and get them cheap.

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What year is this?

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I am not sure if any Gamestop still carries Gamecube games, I bought as many as I could from them cheap before they shipped them off to headquarters. So your choices are Amazon, eBay, or you could go to google maps and find a small business that sells video games.

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@MonsieurX said:

What year is this?


i have tried playing Melee in the past few weeks using 4 different discs and 3 different setups (two wiis and a cube) and NONE of the discs worked. I'm actually thinking of buying multiple discs and GC controllers.

It's like Nintendo setup their GC era discs to self-destruct to get people to move on to shitty Brawl.

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There are lots of game retailers that deal in older games and game systems. There are probably too many to list, but I know that off the top of my head we have a store called Game Craze that sells games from pretty much any era. They would definitely have Gamecube games, if you have one of those locally. I wouldn't make Gamestop the first place I'd check though, as their selection of PS2/XBOX/GCN games are slim to non-existant at most stores nowadays.

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Gamestop still sell some. Vintage Stock also sell GC games...

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Local game stores can be a good source. Gamestop doesn't really carry GC anymore.

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Check Ebay or Amazon, or local video games usually have games that span generations (if they're worth their salt that is).

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lol blaming Nintendo for your in ability to take care o your disc ya nice one, but any way -ebay amazon pawnshops thrift stores local gamestore-you know those mom and pop ones not gamestop , gamestop is an evil corporation looking for nothing but money and they don't sell gc games any more

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I'm in Michigan and a lot of local gameshops do. There's a good one called Disc Replay that comes to mind... They have locations in the Midwest. Got Skies of Arcadia a Legends for like 16 bucks there last year! Go to google maps and type in video games and see what comes up in your area.

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I live in Memphis, TN and the GameStops here don't sell 6th gen anymore. You're better off going to Amazon since they sell games for a cheap price if you get them used