What is your favourite Nintendo console?

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Posted by special-ops (121 posts) 1 year, 3 months ago

Poll: What is your favourite Nintendo console? (24 votes)

N64 21%
GameGube 71%
Wii 29%
WiiU 8%

I like GameGube and Wii so guy's what is your favourite Nintendo console?

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Why not have NES and SNES up there?

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GameCube. It's hard to beat the system that gave us Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 2: Echos, Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Luigi's Mansion, Star Wars Rogue Squadron 2: Rogue Leader, Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, Super Mario Sunshine, Star Fox Adventures (yes, I love this game, probably the only person who does), Pikmin, Pikmin 2.

It's tied with PS2 for my favorite system of all time.

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the n64 and the gamecube.

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I probably enjoyed the Gamecube the most, as I was old enough to afford my own games (for the most part) and had a much larger collection of games than I did with N64 and SNES.

My parents only dropped 60-70 bucks on a game for Christmas and birthdays during the N64/SNES days, and there were really no blockbuster's close by to rent games. I never got to experience a ton of games for SNES and N64.

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n64.. 4 player balloon battle on Mario Kart was the best fun we had back in the day.

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Including a console thats barely been out and excluding the NES and SNES..? This poll is worthless, sorry lol

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The gamecube although a close tie with the N64 I most definitly got more enjoyment out of the gamecube altgough when ever all the guys get together its back to the n64 for some classic gaming. 8D

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Best - SNES: Zelda LTTP, Piltowings, Act Raiser, Super Metroid, DKC, Street Fighter 2, Super Mario RPG, Mega Man X, Chrono Trigger, FF3/6, F-Zero, Super Castlevania 4, Star Fox, Mario Kart. There are just so many good games and start to many franchises...

I will default to the Wii as 2nd best only considering that you can play GC games on it. I loved the GC library, and the addition of games like Trauma Center, Sin and Punishment, No More Heroes, Wario Ware, Xenoblade Chronicles, Twilight Princess, and Mario Galaxy only sweeten the deal.

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I've had the most fun with the Wii.

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GameCube. Such amazing gems for that machine. And having the best, most comfortable controller ever made didn't hurt either. There was nothing I didn't love about that console. Even the lukewarm third-party support didn't matter much for me, as it had amazing first-party games. And many third-party games that I was actually interested in had a GC version, like SSX 3, TimeSplitters 2, Viewtiful Joe, etc.

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The Super Nintendo is my all time favorite Nintendo console.

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1 WII 2 game cube for me

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SNES all the way screw the rest, I only got a Wii for that one capcom fighting game.

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SNES. Pretty much solely for Super Metroid.

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It's between SNES and Gamecube for me. Both had much stronger third party support in addition to their top quality exclusives.

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Probably Gamecube; It's what I grew up with and I have the most games for it, plus it has a great library filled with classics and ports of other great games (Zelda Collector's edition alone made the system worth buying). That being said, my favorite system of theirs that I own would be the DS. It had so many great games, from big releases like Pokemon and Mario to hidden gems like Knights in the Nightmare and Solatorobo, AND it also had access to the utterly fantastic library of GBA games, too (at least, it did with the earlier models). Really a great system.

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Out of that list: Gamecube. It is a little too early to be putting the Wii U on the list, imo.

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Out of those four, the Gamecube.

It had stellar first-party games (which is no surprise) and a very solid collection of third-party titles to go along with it. Plus, its controller is gaming heaven, and I love the overall hardware design.

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Super Nintendo then Nintendo.

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Super Nintendo...now you're playing with Super Power!

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I enjoyed them all. Each console got better and better.

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Gamecube is my favorite, with SNES closely behind.

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N64 and GameCube

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I like the gamecube. Alot. More than alot.

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SNES by far, my favorite sound chip.