What is my Nintendo Network ID?

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#1 Posted by mountain2012 (55 posts) -

The Wii U prompts met to enter my Nintendo Network ID.

Would it be the same login I used to purchase games on the Wii Virtual Console or my login to Club Nintendo?

If not, is the login used for Club Nintendo or to purchase games on the Virtual Console tied to the Nintendo Network ID in any way?


#2 Posted by Master_Of_Fools (1373 posts) -

If you connected your Wii U online you would have had to have made a Nintendo Network ID. It is not your Club Nintendo account. And it has nothing to do with the Wii virtual shop.

You had to enter your location, date of birth, gender and such on the gamepad. You chose a Nintendo Network ID which could be number, letters, and such but no spaces.

When you turn on the system and you are at the Wara Wara Plaza. (Main menu) Click your Mii Character picture in the top left of the gamepad where it shows the USERS on the system. Thats your Nintendo Network ID.