What Games for Wii U Are Coming in the Next Fiscal Quarter?

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From January to March we enter the next fiscal quarter. We know Donkey Kong has a solid release date at the end of February. Is there anything else to expect?

On a side note: I fully expect to see Smash Bros come out no earlier than April (the start of the next fiscal quarter).

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mario kart8 in april

we should get a nintendo direct in january with more announcements...

then e3 should be zelda day..

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Smash and Mario Kart are the only games of note that will be coming in the next fiscal year.

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Donkey Kong should be a great turn-of-the-year game, while Mario Kart will shore up the spring. After that, I think there's going to be a surprising amount of content. I think we'll see Miyamoto's new game for the holidays; he's been working on it for awhile now. I think adding that with Smash Bros., Bayonetta, and X will be a killer lineup for next year. Plus, Nintendo always has a few games they keep hidden until they're a few months from release.

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damn nintendo, they should of release mario kart 8 this xmas. anyways for next year there will be watch dogs, bayonetta, mario kart 8 and donkey kong. dont think x will make it next year nor zelda u. but to answer ur question there is only one games for the next fiscal quarter and its donkey kong.

2014 first quarter donkey kong

2nd quarter mario kart

3rd quarter watchdogs

last quarter bayonneta 2

sadly it is a very slow year for nintendo and the drought will never end since rarely any multiplates.

i wish nintendo just releases its gamecube library on wiiu for a resonable price but i know it will take up to 2016 or later for them to do that. they are so slow in releasing games, even games thye already finish they refuse to release. i mean come on ht evc is so crappy, why the hell dont they release all there roms already. we still getting one nes or snes game every week. almost every1 played those games why make us wait.

early this year they said that vc is lacking and they will release alot of shi t but that did not happen is remaind crap but the only thing that changed is not some snes game are getting a 10 dollar price tag instead of the 7

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Watch Dogs probably and Bayonetta 2 I could see being March, Also Mario Kart 8 in March or April, though April is Q2.