What DS should I buy?

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I've never owned a DS.

I am just starting to save the money for it. I want a decent battery but don't need it to stay on for 40 hours at a time. I hear a 2DS an play 3ds games. Is this true?

I don't really care that the 2ds wont fit in my pocket. Also the 2ds is cheaper, but will the graphics be worse than the 3ds when playing the same game?

Thanks. Any info will be helpful.

#2 Posted by KBFloYd (12911 posts) -

yes..the 2DS plays all 3DS games.

as for the screen quality...id probably think the games look better on a 2ds because the screen would be an lcd...instead of a 3d screen.

but i dont own both so i cant tell you.

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I have heard nothing but good things about the 2DS, so if money is a factor in your decision that would definitely be the one to get.

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I have had the 3DS, 3DS XL, and just got the 2DS. If you have the money I would say go for the 3DS XL only because the inscreased screen size compared to the other two models is nice. However, if you would rather get something cheaper and pick up an extra game or two I really am enjoying the 2DS.

It does play 3DS games, but you will not get the glassesless 3DS image like you could get on the 3D models. Again I find myself using the 2D on the 3D models only because I get a headache with the 3D on too often. But all are great systems.

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In the DS game Legend of Zelda PH (it's a DS game, but the 3DS can play it), there is a certain puzzle in the game that requires you to close the system and then open it. The 2DS cannot open or close, so if you decide to buy the game, you may not be able to finish that puzzle. But you could do research about that to find out what the deal is.