What are my options for playing Gamecube controller enabled Wii games on Wii U?

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I'd like to play Brawl on my Wii U but I heard the Pro controller will not work. I've heard of something called the Classic Controller Pro, will that work both with old Wii games and new Wii U games?

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It tethers to a Wiimote.

It will work on games which support it. A few examples include:

Wii - super smash bros brawl. monster hunter tri


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So it doesn't work with everything?

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So it doesn't work with everything?


Nah.It depends on what the game supports. For example:

Skyward Sword - must use Wiimote+ (or Wiimote with MotionPlus adapter) and nunchuck.


Super Smash Bros Brawl - only the Wiimote turned sideways, Wiimote+Nunchuck, Classic Controller (Pro), and on the Wii - GameCube controller:


Resident Evil 4 - Wiimote + Nunchuck, or Classic Controller (Pro).:


I bought a Classic Controller Pro anticipating it would be an acceptable controller for Wii U games. I was ... semi-right. For COD, the Classic Controller Pro is missing two buttons. The clickable analog stick buttons. In COD, this is actually no big deal. I can still kill Australians with ease, which is very important for New Zealanders.