What are good balance board games to get.

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The games that come with the board were fun but a lot of the 3rd party ones looked like they sucked. I did see some snowboarding and skiing games which didn't look too bad but are there any more?

Or has it turned out like motion plus and Wii sports resort where the mini games showed you how you could use the motion controls in a good way but wasn't utilized well in full games?

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balance board is for exercise only...

i think punch out on the wii uses it though.

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@Insert-Coin: Punch Out. But I must say the game turns into a very heavy exercise then. Others I know are also for exercise (as EA Sports Active 2). Some WiiWare titles too, but nothing too good, as I remember

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ha, thought I was on SW for a sec, lol.

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Punch out sounds good but the wii fit game where you had to lean side to side to hit footballs didn't ignore your foot push off so your character you swing to the wrong side for a split second if you were moving too fast.

I've found 2 Shaun White snowboard games but which one's the best?