What 3ds xl color did you get?

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Posted by bekkawesty (7 posts) 1 year, 5 months ago

Poll: What 3ds xl color did you get? (20 votes)

Red 20%
Blue 15%
Black 20%
Pink 5%
Pikachu 10%
Animal crossing 10%
Red pokemon x and y 20%
Blue pokemon x and y 10%
Zelda (preordered) 15%
Other 10%
#1 Posted by nini200 (10405 posts) -

I got this one. (I wish)

#2 Posted by thetravman (3543 posts) -

Red but I would gladly trade it for another one (gosh Nintendo, make a proper green one for once). I might go for the new Zelda one in a couple weeks.

#4 Edited by ANIMEguy10034 (4877 posts) -

I'm definitely getting the black one whenever I upgrade.

#5 Posted by lamprey263 (25398 posts) -

Red, luckilyon the XL it's only the outside that's colored, the inside around the screen and buttons is all matted black, not colored enamel like the smaller 3DS

#6 Posted by Pixel-Perfect (5778 posts) -

I got the pink one for my birthday. :D

#7 Posted by ItsEvolution (2593 posts) -

I have the blue...and maybe the Zelda one on the 22nd. We'll see.

#8 Edited by YiLiu61 (11 posts) -

Just preordered Golden Zelda 3ds XL. Really hope tomorrow could be Nov. 22. I cant wait

#9 Posted by Kenny789 (10272 posts) -

Got the Pikachu one. Wasn't too sure about it at first but now I really like it and have no regrets :)

#10 Edited by bekkawesty (7 posts) -

@nini200: that's pretty sick

@yiliu61: it's so beautiful :3

#11 Posted by Litchie (16634 posts) -

I think I'm getting the gold Zelda one. Pretty awesome. And if the gold inside turns out to be a problem, I'll just paint it black. :P

#12 Posted by Ovirew (6630 posts) -

I don't have one yet, but I'm planning on going for the blue one.

#13 Posted by GH05T-666 (308 posts) -