Weird Contraption for the SNES

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I know this isnt for the Wii, but hopefully you guys arent as rude as the 360s or the PS3 posters, but anyways...

my uncle used to own a video game store and he gave me my first SNES about... 12 years ago.  Anyways... along with it came this weird contraption.  It looks like it can play Super Famicom games, considering I have Ninja Turtles in Japanese, and it says Super Famicom on the back.  Its some sort of adapter, I was wondering if anyone has seen nething like this, and if it may be worth nething at all?

Whut do you guys think?

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I like how the company has it's name in the Pretendo font...Unless it's Nintendo made, which I doubt.
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Wow, I've never seen that before. If only playing imported games were that easy today... yeesh. As for what it's worth, sorry, I have no idea. Probably not a lot though.
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no its not

honey bee was the mad catz back in the day

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Yeah that's just the Honey Bee Family Converter-Famicom/NES cartridge adaptor. Not worth a lot.
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is that the Hudson bee? maybe that's an old name for the TurboGrapx16 creator's company. and Hudson kinda sounds like Honey, and they kept the bee... i think it's a hudson piece of hardware.

The SNES also had other adapters, namely one that allowed it to play the original gameboy games. (like the GBA adapter for GC except into the cartridge slot, just like that.)

and the logo on the game... i'm pretty sure that's the Japanese version of the Super Nintendo. the copywrite year could clear that up.
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I've seen it, my cousin had it, try to search for it on Ebay.
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Ive never seen that one before.